Friday’s Mixed Bag of Reviews – 1

It’s occurred to me that a lot of the books I read never do make it to review stage. This little Friday feature is meant to allow me to catch up, a bit at a time. Mainly shorts will feature here, any genre, any type. So, what do I have for you today? These reviews have not been posted anywhere else. If the authors wish me to do so, please drop me a line.


Margarita Felices



Amazon US

Amazon UK

As a pilot to a full-blown romance book, this is not bad. It’s well-written, but a bit tame. It has the feel of a discussion between two friends, over a cup of tea. I wanted to be closer. I wanted heat and action. Would I pick up the book, as in full-blown novel? Probably. As it is, 4 stars.




Adam light



Amazon US

Amazon UK

Very dark, very scary and I certainly wanted to read more. Most of Adam Light’s work is exceptional. This short – part one of who knows how many – is no less powerful. Loved it. But you don’t just abandon a person when he’s about to be devoured by demons and go and write something else! I don’t like to be left hanging. Bad form for a writer. For this reason alone, it gets 4 stars. Would I pick up the sequel? Probably not, because I don’t want to be left hanging again.



penelope jones


Amazon US

Amazon UK

Well-written, smooth style, well-edited, romance with a smidgen of erotic dust. A complete story. I enjoyed it and I would certainly pick up the sequel. This book comes with an extra – again, a well-written one. Worth the time and money. 5 stars.


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