Review: A Lost Kitten, by Jessica Kong

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This book is an exercise in originality. Never before did I read a space odyssey mixed with ghosts, or people of the mist, shifters or half-beings, action, war and romance, all in one book. But it works! I read the whole book in one sitting. I had work to do, but it stayed undone, because the story pulled me in and kept me there.

The writing style is very easy to follow without being simple. The book is well written and proofed, and there are no major snags to pull a reader’s attention away from the action.

The descriptions are very good – our hero, Seacat John McCall, lands on different planets and interacts with all sorts of alien beings. All of them are clear and easy to picture, some scary, some funny. I loved them all, the horses especially.

Characterisation is good, too, of both the main and secondary players. Everyone has a distinct voice, a history, habits and motivations, and that works very well in a novel so densely populated.

The plot is good, with just one slight problem. For me, the action seemed to stretch for far too long. I think the overall time span covered is of around two years. Logically, I know it takes time to travel from one planet to the other and all the science that goes with it. From a reader’s point of view, though, I kept asking myself why some event couldn’t happen sooner. Despite that, I very much enjoyed reading it.

There is a natural cut-off point for book one (as it is clear there are more books to follow in this series) which the author ignored. Again, for me, that was an odd feeling. We have a story and the action flows through nicely. All the questions are answered and there is a good, natural, satisfying conclusion. That would be enough, for me. But then the story moves on and gets… nowhere. Because book two is where the new questions are being answered. Hmm…

I really hate to penalise a good book for the sake of something so small, but I can’t ignore it. Up until that point, it shone a bright 5 stars. That extra, unneeded, lot of words dropped its value to 4.5. If it was me, I’d cut and re-release. A very good value for money, full action book, I wholeheartedly recommend A Lost Kitten. Would I read the next one in the series? Absolutely! Today!

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    1. Hi, JK. Nice to meet you! Please feel free to rifle through posts. You’ll find a lot of reviews, some author interviews, and the odd grumble about the attitude of some people in the publishing industry. Can’t help it. When something needs to be said… it will be said! 🙂

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