2013 – Week 21 Relaxation

Hello and welcome, my friends, to newsletter number 21.

Someone suggested to me last week that I may be ‘burnt out’. Apparently after a certain number of 70-hour work weeks, there comes a point when your brain just shuts down. Well, I don’t think I ever shut down completely, but slow down I did. I relaxed so much playing with my dogs on Saturday, for example, that I forgot I was supposed to give you a new thought to grow your soul, as I did most Saturdays. Oops.

Kit babyHere’s Kit, by the way. He’s one now, but still can only put up one and a half ears, and that’s on a good day. He’s sporting his favourite toy, an empty bottle. Tennis balls last him about 20 minutes, frisbees fall to pieces in no time at all, especially the softer ‘kind to the teeth’ sort, but he’ll play with an empty bottle for days on end.

He never gets tired, the little darling! This picture is a little fuzzy because even when he sits down, Kit is in perpetual motion. You’ve got to be fast to get him in the frame at all!

I also took the time to admire my garden (I look up, not down, these days, because the ex-lawn is just a dried-up mud bath now). Here’s one of my rhododendrons. Pretty, right?


Who’d have thought there was something to enjoy outside my little writing corner? I’m almost surprised there is a world out there. I mean, where are the unicorns?

So, in good bank holiday tradition, I will not go on and on, but just retire to my sofa with a slice of banoffee pie and bottle of Bishop’s Finger.

And to make you jealous, I’ll show you the sunset as I see it from my living-room window.



9 Replies to “2013 – Week 21 Relaxation”

  1. I didn’t know what I was going to see in your sunset picture! I know how you like to tease. Sounds like you took full advantage of a peaceful day. Good for you. Now, I bet you’ve oiled your joints, robo woman, and are hard at it again! lol

  2. Awesome view. I hope you take the time to enjoy it often. I think weekends were made to relax and rejuvenate. Thus, the saying, TGIF. But, looking at your avatar, I can tell you are a real go-getter. Just seeing the pic of Kit makes me think he is getting ready to jump up and run.You and Kit must make a great team. LOL

    1. Hahahaha – well, he thinks so! He peeps through the window when my other dog (who’s almost 5, therefore more sedate) doesn’t want to play with him, then runs over to the back door and sits down on the steps, bottle in teeth, then back to my window, back to the door, and so on. He’s so playful and tireless. I love my doggies. 🙂

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