2013 – Week 20 and a Question of Taking Pride in Your Work

Hello and welcome to newsletter number 20.

As usual after a new release, I experience such a huge sense of anticlimax, I can’t settle down to write for ages. Well, that’s all been cured now. My co-author, Kristie Haigwood, saw me struggling and she simply wouldn’t take any of my nonsense. She poked and prodded me (virtually) until she got me writing again.

Thank you, Kristie. You’re officially an angel.


So, I’ve spent most of my time writing this week. Blood is Power is about three weeks of solid work away from release, which will make its release drift into early June. I shall continue to work on it before and after the next edit (expected to land in my inbox within days).

I’ve filled my blog with reviews and Author Spotlights this week, and I’ve got more booked for next week. There are so many talented authors out there. All you have to do is look.


loadsabooksNow, the million dollar question: how do you make your book stand out from the rest?

In the millions of indie and self-published books, will yours be the gem or one of the mediocre musty-smelling, dust-collecting ones?

I’ll let an author explain. He made a success of his books, and it was not without effort. He was not satisfied with anything less than perfection (I can vouch for that).
You’ll recognise Bruce Blake‘s name from my Awesome Authors Gallery. Here’s what he has to say on the subject:

Five Secrets About Writing They Might Not Have Told You

I wholeheartedly recommend you read Bruce Blake’s articles. He has a very clear, logical way of explaining issues, and he documents his indie writing experience extremely well. As for his writing, I could easily use his books as tools when teaching fiction writing. Bruce writes epic fantasy, contemporary fantasy, and (recently) co-authored erotica. His novels are the kind that grab you by the throat and dust the floor with you. One of my definite indie favourites.

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