Author Spotlight and Giveaway: Eliott McKay

Eliott McKayHello and welcome, my dear friends. Today I’d like you to meet Eliott McKay, author of Midnight Engagement.

Don’t judge me, but I very much appreciate Eliott’s two favourite rules of writing. I’ll let Eliott explain.

1. I once had the opportunity to be critiqued at a writer’s conference by the amazing Julianna Baggott. I’ll never forget her first words to our group, in this arcane voice: “Be not vaguely bitter.” It’s advice I have taken to heart and applied to other emotions as well.

2. An editor of mine once gave me a command of matchless wisdom: “Thou shall eat as many cookies as necessary while editing.” I adhere strictly to this practice.

In a former life, Eliott worked as a tax auditor, one who got sent to North Dakota for part of a summer. After visiting the largest statue of a bovine — a holstein that stands at eighteen feet — there was no more entertainment to be had. She made her own, writing books, and she never stopped.



Midnight Engagment

Eliott McKay has an e-book to give away, mobi or epub.

To enter, all you have to do is follow my blog and post a comment beneath this post to confirm it. Believe me, this book is worth it.

You have one week to sign up. I will announce the winner on Friday, 24 May.

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Description: Some people inherit family businesses, while others get hand-me-downs. Michaela got an atrocious pair of spectacles that hide her true identity — the one she doesn’t know about!


“Reading this book was like reading a poet who stepped out of her comfort zone and then wowed her audience with a fabulous novel. McKay’s descriptive style and eloquent wording captured me right from the beginning.” – Jeff LaFerney

“I am in awe of this book mainly due to the authors descriptive work which is second to none. In fact I can honestly say I have never read a book with such vivid descriptions within its pages.” – Fiona Wilson:



A sly alarm snaked up Michaela’s spine. Her body reacted to Conrad’s presence from across the room. She needed to be careful. Tentatively, she crept over to the side of the bed and knelt down, unsure of herself. It seemed best to test the boundaries. In a bold, yet timid move, she reached out a shaky hand, little at a time, and moved it slowly toward Conrad’s chest. The boundary lit up with a tangible buzz upon immediate impact.

Her hand, at first shocked by the current, adjusted to the tremors emanating from his person. Conrad’s eyes opened, dark pools of liquid topaz in the soft amber light. His head turned toward her with a painful twinge, which she felt. It reverberated through her along with his unspoken words: Where have you been? His voice was clear and true, as if he had spoken aloud, and Michaela somehow communicated back all the things she so desperately needed to say, how she never meant to hurt him.

“Shhh… ” he said in her mind. She felt him hope she would stay.

The non-empty space between them was filled with the hum of life. There was no privacy here, nor shame, only the living vibration of their combined beings, all-encompassing, nothing hiding. Michaela moved a hand along their barrier, pressing gently, and discovered that she could feel the contours of his body.

“Hold my hand,” came the soft command.

Michaela obeyed. Her fingers traced down the contours of Conrad’s good arm, the movement spit a trail of fizz like a welders fuse. Eyes closed, her fingers spread along his hand and twined with his. Though they were not actually touching, she felt his grip tighten and his chest wince as he did so. A bright flash released a bluish tint that circulated between them causing a joyous burst to rupture in Michaela’s chest, a feeling in which they both reveled. The very marrow of their souls mingled. It was hard to discern whose thoughts and feelings were whose, but there was an unmistakable yearning for each other.



I can describe this book in three words: unusual, surprising, original. But there’s a lot more to it than that. A paranormal romance with suspense blended in, it way a joy to read.

By far the strongest point of Eliott McKay’s writing style is the descriptive. Michaela lives in a fantasy world, so a good description is essential in helping us get a picture. And what a picture it is! I got lost in the richness of texture and just allowed the story to tow me along. I loved the wide vocabulary range and the way the author used ordinary words in an unusual way – it made for a very different voice, refreshing and fun. I simply cannot fault the writing.

The characters are well-formed and have clear, individual voices. The feelings Conrad and Michaela have for one another are so well-described, it would be impossible not to empathise. With their kinds physically repelling each other, you wonder if they’ll ever be allowed to be together. But Michaela is fighting the unwanted half of her being, because we always have a choice about whom we can become.

Did I mention there are werewolves and vampires in the book? No? Well, that’s probably because Michaela doesn’t like saying the words aloud. She refers to them as v and w. How sweet is that? She thought she was a simple h until she discovered she could understand a weird language.

Engaging all the way through. I very much enjoyed this book. The cover picture fits very well with the story and I like its clean appearance. A nice package overall, this is a read well deserving of five stars.


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Twitter: @EliottMcKay

8 Replies to “Author Spotlight and Giveaway: Eliott McKay”

  1. I like it. I’ll now eat all the cookies I desire and not feel guilty:)

    This book sounds exciting. I loved the lead in, “A sly alarm snaked up Michaela’s spine.” This writing hooked me immediately!

    Didn’t read your review. Have to wait until after I write mine. A rule I have:)

    The cover art is eye cathcing too. Like it a lot!

    Thanks for sharing Ella. Crossing fingers, toes and eyes! lol

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