Author Spotlight: Jessica O’Gorek

Good morning. Please welcome today an author with a very imaginative, original mind: Jessica O’Gorek. Just have a read of that novel’s description and excerpt! It’s certainly making it on my TBR list.

meBio: I was born in Chesapeake, Virginia on April 19th, 1979. I was raised within the American Indian religion and was taught great respect for the earth and all its living beings. Powwows, sweat lodges, vision quests, you name it, I’ve done it. I was the weird kid who would confront kids on the playground in elementary school when they squished a bug. I would very sincerely tell them what they were doing was morally wrong and then I would pray for the bug to come back as a butterfly in its next life.

​​I grew up admiring my father, Barry Weinstock, as an author. When I was twelve I started hand writing novels. My first one was two thousand pages. My daughter, who is thirteen, is currently working on her first novel. I hope to continue the legacy.



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Description: Mother Earth, wounded by the human race and its disregard for her resources, will recruit human souls to serve Her and turn against humanity. A rising force festers; Gemini, a clan of paranormal beings will systematically possess and destroy towns, cities, and states. Amidst the chaos, a forbidden relationship between Onyx, a lead Gemini, and Violette, a human, begins. They will both find themselves in the middle of a revolutionary war that will either save, or destroy our world.


“First, I loved the concept of the Gemini and what they represent, the mystery of what they really are, and the idea that the planet has a soul and she is pissed. Humans have some serious karma to work out. What will happen? Will the human race redeem ourselves? Are we really doomed? Such a great idea! THEN I got sucked into the quickly moving plot and read the whole thing in one night.”

“When I reached the last page, I wished for it to keep going. I look forward to the next book and to continue the adventure.”


Violette was about to give up on finding Slate when she heard a faint whisper coming from the break in the wall that led to the field. She couldn’t be sure, but it sounded like Slate calling her name very softly. “Hello?” she called back, stepping into the waist high wheat. The moonlight was very bright and the whole field was a dancing sea of silver lines. “Slate?” she called out timidly, listening for a reply.

“Over here,” came the response. She walked about twenty feet out, wading into the moonlit meadow; she said his name again. In response his head popped up about ten feet away from her, a startled expression on his face. “Hey!” he said. “How did you find me?”

“Why were you hiding?”

“Hiding? I wasn’t, I was right here.”

“Okay.” She said this in a teasing tone. “So may I join you?” she asked, cocking her head to the right.

Her hair was hanging seductively over half of her face; one moonlit eye stared down at him, imploring him to agree. He didn’t answer very quickly, and she thought she may have actually seen a hint of fear in his eyes. He finally nodded.

“I want to thank you so much for what you did this morning. That could not have been easy.”

He shrugged. “I saw a man beating on a little girl and my instinct won out. You’re welcome.”

She winced at the ‘little girl’ term, but kept smiling.

“So do you still think things are normal around here?” She flounced down beside him but he looked away, avoiding her question.

“I never said they were normal. You were venting and I listened, but not once did I give you my opinion on this place and normalcy.”

“Well? Would you agree things are a little cult-like here?” Her description struck a small chord with him. She could tell by the way his eyebrows lifted.

“Cult-like?” He repeated the term as if contemplating its meaning.

She leaned in a few inches closer to his face. “You have some interesting ways of stalling. I know you don’t want to answer my question. That’s pretty obvious.”

His knowing smile made him look older and wiser, but he did not agree or disagree; just changed the subject. “You were coming down on Sister Angie’s behalf, right?”

His question annoyed her. “Yes!” she half yelled, “I can’t believe you would ask that!” Her eyes flashed a little and as she shook her head, her hair followed her movements. “Why would you ask that, Slate?”

“I just want to make sure you’re not getting in over your head, little one, that’s all.” What he just called her replayed itself in her head. Little one. She closed her eyes for a few sweet seconds to savor the intimacy. When she opened her eyes to look at him again, his face was in shadow, almost completely black despite the moon. She needed a deep breath, and when she took one, it was accompanied by a wonderful smell that was oddly familiar. She could not identify it. “Slate?” She said his name as if asking him if he was still with her.

“Yes?” The tone of his voice was low and elusive, almost mysterious. She looked down and realized he had one of her hands between both of his. He was rubbing and kneading it softly. This knocked her a little off balance, almost like vertigo. A slow fire spread up her arm, starting where his fingertips were. This was what she wanted, she reminded herself. But for some reason, a part of her wanted to cringe away from him. She fought back her shyness and leaned a little closer into his touch. The smooth way he massaged her palm rendered her helpless, it felt so good and he smelled so inviting and sweet. She felt very safe. If she started to melt into the grass he would surely catch and rescue her.

Shouldn’t one of them be saying something? Didn’t any of these actions need explaining?


“Shhh,” he soothed her.

“What are you doing?” she asked in a slurred voice. His reply only sent more tingles to her belly where they danced a jig and then found their way lower.

“I’m just touching you, Violette. Do you like this?” His voice was velvety, so unlike any tone she’d ever heard from him before.

“Hmm mmm,” was her senseless reply. It also must have served as permission for his hands to explore more. She felt the heat of his palm on her wounded cheek before it was actually there, just grazing the surface. There was a slight stinging but she didn’t care. His thumb touched the cut on her lip tenderly. She jerked back just a little but relaxed quickly. All rational thought had left her and she was simply lost.

“You know I desire you?” he asked bravely. All she could do was nod and stare, as his other hand lifted her hair and began to twirl it. “Do you?” His tone was a little rough.

“Yes, I know,” she said, as if following a command.

His face was still and dark and beautiful; she wanted to see his eyes, though she didn’t dare return his touch.

He began to lift the strand of hair higher into the air, twisting it around his finger and forcing her to sit up on her knees. Still under his spell, she happily arched her neck and stayed perched, her throat exposed. His hands left her and she felt something solid against her belly. Alarmed, she looked down. He had nuzzled the side of his face against her flat stomach and then whispered “damn it” quite clearly, as if he’d been defeated by an enemy.


10 Quick-Fire Questions with Jessica O’Gorek

1) Maldives or Alaska?


2) Solitude or a roomful?


3) Book or movie?


4) Steak or salad?


5) Wisdom or luck?


6) Pen or sword?


7) Beethoven or birdsong?


8) Tent or mansion?


9) Hug or chocolate?


10) Angels or zombies?



This is how you can find out more about Jessica O’Gorek and Gemini Rising: (you may have to paste this link into your browser for it to work)


4 Replies to “Author Spotlight: Jessica O’Gorek”

  1. I’m a Gemini so the title caught my attention. The blurb makes me want to read it. I think Mother Nature fights back every day, trying to clean up our messes. This sounds like she took it up a notch. LOL I liked the quick fire questions. Thanks for introducing me to a new author.

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