2013 – Week 19, an Eternal Immortality Giveaway and a Flapjack

Welcome to newsletter number 19. This week has brought me a remarkable sense of achievement. Eternal Immortality, book 2 in the Eternal Series is finally out and available to buy from Amazon (US, UK, CA), and its ranking is pretty good.

ei2coverbigBoth Kristie and myself have found a lot of our friends have been enthusiastic and very supportive of the launch events. Many thanks to you all. We love you. The event on facebook hosted by Jennifer Wedmore has now closed, but there is still a little giveaway going on Sherry’s blog, at fundimental. If you’d like to take part, here’s the link.

Due to last-minute release issues (such as coming up with the dreaded blurb, for example), I didn’t get much time to read and review, but I will take a few days off and catch up with some of it in the next few days. I have some interviews and guest posts to write, too, and I’ve been awarded yet another award for my blog, so I’ll have to catch up with that, too.

Editing – another project finished. Alas, I know of another which will land in my inbox shortly. I have filled up July with two more editing projects and have one more penciled in for September/October. I honestly feel like I need to double up on the hours in the day somehow, or I’ll never get any of my own writing done.

I’ve heard somewhere that the way we work is determined by the society we live in, both in ethos and hours worked. Brits are well-known workaholics.

I think I should move!

And before you say UK is a good place to live and work in, I’ll give you three little news nuggets I read about in the last few days:

  • a ten year old girl was reprimanded by a policeman for drawing a hopscotch grid on the pavement with chalk. The child was told what she did amounted to criminal damage. Huh? Guys, it rains on a daily basis here. Give it a couple of showers, and the chalk is gone. Criminal damage, my foot!
  • a policewoman is suing the owner of a garage because, when she attended a 999 call (the garage had been burgled) she tripped over the kerb and hurt herself. When her station gently advised she should reconsider her position, she filed a suit against them, too. I would laugh, if it weren’t sad.
  • a school has banned triangular-shaped flapjacks from its menu, because it was determined during a health-and-safety assessment that, if thrown by a child, the flapjacks could inflict injury on another. For those who don’t know what a flapjack is, the main ingredients in a flapjack are rolled oats, butter and honey or golden syrup, and they’re baked for about twenty minutes. Winning missile recipe, don’t you think? Oh, the square-shaped flapjacks are still allowed, by the way.


Ta-ra. Have a lovely week. I’ll talk to you again next Sunday.


5 Replies to “2013 – Week 19, an Eternal Immortality Giveaway and a Flapjack”

  1. How do find the time to dig up this trivia woman?

    Congratulations on Eternal Immortality. Gimme gimme! lol

    Hey, did you get my questions? Just checkin:)

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