Review: Asuka’s Confession, by Eva Marie Paulliere (Brent Pearson)

Asuka's ConfessionUS:


Asuka’s Confession is described as the prelude to a series, and that’s exactly what it is: a taster.

The storyline is intriguing. Asuka struggles with a life not worth living, where violence and sexual slavery are normal. Her escape is traumatic in itself and so she gets to tell us her story from a psychologist’s couch. I won’t reveal any more of the plot. All I’ll say is that I will gladly read the series based on this short taster.

A well-written account of life in Japan with exotic elements and a whiff of James Clavell, Asuka’s Confession has ticked all the right boxes and got me hooked on the series. A well-deserved five-star performance.


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