2013 – Week 17 and a Poll

Hello and welcome to newsletter number 17. I can’t believe a third of this year’s gone – poof! – and I still have so much I want to achieve! Stand still, Time, for goodness’ sake! I could do with an extra month or two, but I’ll even take a week, if that’s all you have.

I’m still reading and reviewing, of course, though some of the books I read haven’t been released yet, so I’m sitting on reviews until release day. May is going to be a month full of Author Spotlights and reviews – so many books, so little time – but I haven’t booked anything for June. Why have I suddenly gone anti-author, you say? Well, because I want to help authors even more. Bit of a contradiction? Sure. Have you forgotten who you’re talking to?

Yes, it’s a new project and I’m all psyched-up about it, but I need to get some loose ends tied up before I start something new. I expect it will take quite a bit of my time. What do you mean, you want a hint? Oh, ok. I’ll give you just a little idea: my something new this week was a two-parter. I am now confident that I can produce a video – only a simple one, but that is all I need. Part two, which I will research this coming week, is a way to automatically deliver a prize electronically. Stop right there! I don’t have that sort of cash. Yeah. It’s gonna have to be ‘affordable’. Preferably free. If you have any ideas, experiences, the aunt of an aunt or friend of a friend who used it successfully… please, let me know.

I have managed two beta-reads/edits this week and caught up on editing. Kristie, being the awesome author that she is, is re-jigging a few scenes in Eternal Immortality. Only a few more days to wait until its release. Yay. Then it’s on to Blood is Power, the sequel to Blood is Heavier, and then… and then… And so my headache begins. I have no idea which of my million projects I should go ahead with. Or even whether I should slip in the non-fiction book (which is likely to become a series) I’m cooking at the moment.

Fancy giving me a hand? I really need help deciding.

Project A: Deal With It! – which is Tequila’s story. Remember Nick Hunter’s sidekick in Blood is Heavier? Exactly. I have so much material for her – I’ve kept maps, photos, even a book – mini-book, rather, but you get the gist. I’m a little unsure of the genre. If it was a film, it would be a drama.

Project B: Post-apocalyptic scenario. I need much more research for this one, but the approximate plot is there and sorted. I also need to learn more about the genre in general and its market share. Whilst a small market will not deter me, I like knowing what to expect.

Project C: A spy story set during the Cold War, the outcome of which could have easily changed the world as we know it. It’s probably going to end up about 50% fact, 50% fiction. Again, I’m unsure about the market for something like this.

Project D: Drama detailing the life of a refugee/immigrant, inspired from real life. The person I based this on is close enough to me to make writing this a painful exercise, but I’ll just stock up on tissues and get on with it, if that’s where the vote goes. About 90% real life. The remaining 10% will be my best guess of what might have happened where I have information gaps.

Project E: A trilogy set in modern times, showcasing human nature and the difficulty of fitting in. Prejudice and hypocrisy in the most developed nations are set face to face with the same traits in a developing country. I guess this won’t be easy writing, either, but when did I ever do the easy thing? A lot of my obsession with human nature will be poured into this, and boy, do I have a lot of data to play with! About 75% fact, 25% fiction.

Project F: Martin Little Takes Epic Action, the sequel to Martin Little, Resurrected. Yes, satire, but I do make fun of the UK society at the same time. I know too much to keep it to myself. Plus, I need a good laugh.

Project G: Sci-fi – a human mutation which is commonplace nowadays (true!) causes empires to crumble. There’s a fight between the powerful and the clever. Who knows who will win? Well, I do, but you won’t just yet.

Project H: Crime. The killer has an unusual pattern, and there’s no one protecting his real, final victim. Ok, this may slip into thriller a little bit. We’ll see how it pans out.

Project I: Non-fiction. This may be one enormous book or a series of smaller ones. It stems from my editing jobs, in case you were wondering. I noticed there’s no shortage of books on dry grammar – many people collect them like they used to do stamps – and there are loads of training courses and seminars on creative writing, too, but so many authors fall short of just one or two little things, something relatively easy to rectify which would make the difference between an ok novel and a brilliant one. I intend to cut straight through to the core of such problems, and deal with them one by one. That’s part of the reason why I want to publish them separately. If all you need is to fix one thing, 99c is all you’ll have to pay. Why pay $20? But I will make the whole thing available as a compendium, once I’ve finished (if I ever do!).

And whilst you vote, feast your eyes on these beautiful covers from Paradox Book Cover Design & Formatting.

BLOOD IS POWER - out next month
BLOOD IS POWER – out next month



8 Replies to “2013 – Week 17 and a Poll”

  1. I’m becoming convinced you are actually a droid and do not require sleep or respite. 😉

    All your potential projects sound wonderful, but I have to admit, I’m intrigued about D, the immigrant’s real-life story.

  2. What are you on woman! lol You are insanely busy.
    Project A. I want more of Tequila. But first waiting for follow ups Blood is Power, Eternal Immorality and must not forget Martin Little Takes Epic Action. Been waiting for these babies!!

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