Review: Tristan’s Lyceum Wolves, by Kym Grosso





The third instalment in the Immortals of New Orleans series is the best and hottest yet. As action-packed as the first two books, this one seems to have acquired a deeper, hotter romance feel. Don’t get me wrong – right from the beginning, this looked like a promising series, and, boy, does it deliver!

Of the three books, this one is my favourite. It’s neater, the writing style is tighter, it’s better proofread and the French is better, too.

As usual for Ms. Grosso, she takes no time immersing us into the pack’s life, and her descriptions are so graphic, you feel like you’re in the book, with the rest of the characters. There’s mystery and suspense, and pack relationships are tightly interwoven with that. The result is a very credible story, something I hope will continue to be developed in future books. The characters are brilliant – I fell in love with sweet Kalli – who is new to the series – as soon as she was introduced. We also take a step closer to Tristan, the alpha who’s played a role in both book one and book two, and what a delicious alpha he proves to be!

If you like wolves, action and sex – lots of it – this book is for you. It’s certainly not appropriate for a young audience, but it does provide a thrilling ride. It’s a complete adrenaline rush – in all its guises.

I won’t give the plot away. This book really is worth your time, so I don’t feel bad about giving it a full recommendation and the whole five stars that come with it.

If you’d like to read my reviews of book one – Kade’s Dark Embrace – and book two – Luca’s Magic Embrace, click on the links, and there’s also a lovely Author Spotlight for Kym Grosso, if you’d like to learn more about her and her projects here.

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