Review: Xeria, by John A. Karr



Xeria is not a full blown novel, and I am screaming in frustration as I think what an amazing book this could be. Dear John Karr, if you’re reading this, please would you consider giving Xeria more of your time. Your readers demand it!

A fresh voice, a clipped and neat style, a beautifully presented idea and intelligent dialogue are just a few of the attributes which made this story a wonderful experience for me. Xeria, as a character, is exactly what you see on the cover – and what an amazing cover! Simmons has a good chance of being part of her life, if he plays his cards right, and Mizk is the perfect demon bad guy.

Although it had the feel of a pilot trailer for a wonderful sci-fi movie or three, I loved every part of this story. I don’t want to give the plot away, I just want to see more of the same. If this little story is any mark by which we can judge John Karr’s writing, I certainly want to read more from this author. A very well-deserved five stars. Xeria is definitely worth your time and money. Highly recommended.


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