Review: Stories, Inc., by Evans Light

stories incUS:


This is a collection of stories, all around the same approximate theme – dark, mysterious, scary, a tad disturbed. And addictive.

I could read this type of stories forever and not get bored. Absolutely loved them all.

Crawlspace was… well… one of those instances when you find yourself shouting at the main character NOT to do something. But he doesn’t hear you…

Pay Back was just sweet – for the wrong reasons. The Nard could be any one of us, and we all have a friend like Stephen. If only we could retaliate as creatively…

Whatever Possessed You – in the right frame of mind, this feels so real, so… possible! Just don’t ever say Maazo Maazo.

Black Door is a little tamer, suitable for younger audiences, too, but Dark Curtains is by far my favourite. I actually prefer its original ending – much more suited to the course of the story. It would flow better that way – his instinct was right. But Evans Light has kindly included both the original and the alternate endings, as was requested by some of his readers. I must say – how thoughtful and considerate, and a good demonstration of his talent. A win for his readers either way.

Diverse, engrossing, original – Evans Light just shows off with this collection. Five easily-earned stars. Highly recommended.


One Reply to “Review: Stories, Inc., by Evans Light”

  1. I’m so glad you liked it. I always wonder when I review a book if people like it as much as I did. Both of these brothers write so well. And they write horror! What could be better!
    Loved your review Ella.
    Sorry I took so long to comment. I am so overwhelmed right now. Aaahhh!

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