2013 – Week 13 and Happy Easter!

HAPPY EASTERWelcome to newsletter number 13 and to those who celebrate it – Happy Easter!

The recent acquisition of Goodreads by Amazon has shifted my priorities somewhat. Instead of researching Stumbleupon, I spent quite a bit of time looking through book review and recommendation sites. I don’t feel on top of it yet, but I am now a member of Wattpad.

I have also managed an unprecedented three consecutive days off! As a consequence, my writing has lagged behind. I did finish an edit, and started working on a new beta-read – brilliant stuff, by the way, dark and scary. Which only leaves me to tell you about my reading. Oh, yes! A brilliant book and review coming up in the next day or two – get ready to meet a new author.


And here’s another sample from the upcoming thriller, Blood is Power.


Tequila took a seat that allowed her a full view of the entrance doors, while Detective Newton sat opposite, watching the elevators. Unaware of any potential danger, Cameron and Maxi joined the throng of people milling around the cake counter, pointing at the different cakes.

“Did you recognise his face?” Tequila asked.


“What makes you suspicious?”

“You mean, apart from him keeping his distance when he could have very easily called my name and asked to talk to me?”

“You have a point.”

Newton spoke in a muted voice, just loud enough for Tequila’s ears. “If he was for real, he would have known who I am and he would have known where Maxine Hunter’s room was. He would have had no reason to make enquiries. He would have walked straight towards me. And… here he is now.” Newton nodded towards the elevators.

Tequila stood up. “Tell Maxi I’m going to the toilet. Since he didn’t know what Maxi looks like, there’s a good chance he’ll follow me. Don’t let Maxi and Cameron out of your sight.”

Newton opened his mouth to argue, but Tequila had dodged a table and two chairs and was walking nonchalantly in the general direction of the toilets, making sure she crossed the unknown policeman’s path. He saw her and changed course, following her but allowing a few people to walk between them.

Damn woman. Newton pulled out his phone. “Marsh?” he barked. “Where the hell are you? Forget the car and get in here. Cafeteria to the right of the entrance. You’ll see me when you walk in. Hurry.”

He stood up and made another call, his eyes marking out a triangle with Maxi, by the counter, at one point, the hospital doors at another, and Tequila’s retreating figure as the third. The triangle was getting thinner and thinner. He didn’t like that. A soon as he spotted Marsh, he pointed at Maxi and mimed for him to watch her, and then he took off as fast as he could after the now-confirmed fake policeman. The station had sent no one. Newton was still expected to bring in Hunter for questioning that evening.

Newton cursed under his breath when he remembered he’d had no time to think up an excuse for misplacing Nick Hunter, but he’d deal with that later. For now, he needed to keep his head in the game.

Tequila had passed two sets of public toilets. If she didn’t stop soon, she’d run out of hospital and end up in the back yard, by the Ambulance bays. Suddenly, the retreating blue shirt of the suspect disappeared off, to the left. Newton started running, shunting his way through visitors and patients alike.

A corridor split off to the left and he threw himself around the corner. Door after door revealed nothing, and then he heard a thump and metal clattering. He burst through the door to what appeared to be a staff kitchen. At the far end, he spotted Tequila struggling to stand, pushing baskets of cutlery off herself. What was she doing on the floor? She fought in vain to straighten up, her face contorted in pain. As he ran towards her, she pointed at the door behind him. “Get the bastard!” Her shout was little more than a wheeze.

Newton about-turned and hurtled over the mess on the floor, back to the closing door. He shoved it hard and collided with two of the largest women he’d seen in a long time. The wrestled past while they were shouting unintelligibly in a foreign language and pulling at his jacket to make him stop, and when he finally managed to disengage himself, the attacker had gone. He had no way of telling what direction he’d taken – he could have gone back to the main entrance, but there were two other exits, not to mention a labyrinth of corridors on fourteen floors.

“Shit!” he cursed loudly. He pulled out his ID and shook it at the aggravated catering women with one hand, and pulled out his phone with the other. Thankfully, Marsh could confirm Maxine and Cameron Hunter were walking back to the table, carrying an assortment of cakes.

Tequila walked gingerly out of the kitchen and gave him a sour look. “You lost him, didn’t you?”

I lost him? ‘Cause you were coping so well without me?”

Newton growled under his breath and stomped off, back to the café, without asking about Tequila’s wellbeing. Wasn’t she supposed to be this bad-ass fighter? What was she doing on the floor, covered in kitchen implements?




2 Replies to “2013 – Week 13 and Happy Easter!”

  1. I’m not thrilled about Amazon’s acquisition of Goodreads, though I suppose I should try not to be so pessimistic. I’ve not heard of Wattpad. You’ll have to update us on how well you like it once you’ve used it a bit. Happy Easter!

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