2013 – Week 11 and A Load of Hard Work

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Welcome to newsletter number eleven. A really quick one, since it’s getting late.

Editing and beta-reading – both doing great. This week has been a bit slow on the edits, and I barely touched the manuscript I’m beta-reading, but…

…Writing,on the other hand, is done. That’s it, you heard me right. The hard work is out of the way, and all that’s left is little tweaks here and there. See the cover on the right? Get ready to read the sequel to Eternal Island on 26th April. Eternal Immortality is dynamite!

My TBR list – is still growing. I know, no excuses! I’ve just got to get a good night’s sleep and then read a little.

My NEW item for the week was looking into Pinterest. Not for me. I just don’t have the time to search for pretty pictures, and none of the authors’ boards I’ve seen made me exclaim, enraptured, ‘Beautiful!


And now, your treat: a little excerpt from Eternal Immortality.

Ok, so this may still change, because we are only just starting to work on the final cut now, but, Laura, especially for you:


She checked her watch again. “Where is he?” she said as she texted him for the fifth time in the last five minutes. Still no response. What was he doing? She had been finished with her half of the stones for over twenty minutes.

Rainey got out of her car and headed toward the elevator. Just as she pushed the button she caught something out of the corner of her eye. It was a lit tea candle with a red rose beside it. She bent and picked up the rose and almost set it down again as she thought this must be one of Abe and Ariana’s little love rendezvous, when she saw another lit tea candle, about twenty feet closer to the door that led into the gardens out back. There were three more, spaced about twenty feet apart, between the second one and the door.

Curiosity won her over. Rose in hand, she walked to the door and grabbed the handle. If this was for Ariana — which she was sure it was because Déus would never do something as romantic as this for her — she would just apologize to Abe and Ariana for ruining their moment and head to her lair for a hot bubble bath. Lord knew she needed some relaxing, she thought, as she pulled the door open.

All the flowers from the wedding three days ago were still in place, and all the tiny lights they had used were lit up, along with the candles in their sterling silver candle holders. It was still as beautiful as it had been that night. Rainey looked around in awe at first, before her eyes fell upon Déus standing under the altar, with a bouquet of roses in his hands. He smiled shyly at her. Clearly, he didn’t do this often, but what he’d managed to do this one time left her speechless.

She looked down at her dirty plain clothes and suddenly felt awkwardly underdressed, while he stood there gloriously beautiful, holding a bouquet of flowers for her, and looking like he just stepped out of a Van Wilder movie. Gazing at him now, Rainey could feel her heart melting, and tears filled her eyes. She smiled as she fought to hold them back. Her man truly surprised her sometimes.

Déus walked slowly toward her with that nervous, shy look still planted on his face. He wasn’t at all sure how she would react to this little surprise. He didn’t know if she even liked surprises, but those hot, salty tears in her eyes almost confirmed he had hit the bull’s eye. His smile grew more confident, knowing this was nothing compared to what he had planned for the rest of the evening. He stopped in front of her and kissed her cheek. “You look beautiful, Rainey, you always do.” He held the red roses out to her. “These are for you.” His hand was shaking and she had to smile a little through the tears.

She took the roses and inhaled their perfume, a genuine smile lighting up her face. “You remembered…” Then her face turned confused. “When did you have time to buy me roses?”

He smiled and reached around to the back of her head free her ponytail from its hold. “I’m pretty quick when I put my mind to something. You want to see the rest?”


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