Happy Birthday to Me! Well… to my Blog!

I know! I’m excited. In the heat of editing and writing, the date escaped me. Good job WordPress, the dears, sent me a reminder. My blog is one year old today.


In the last year, I’ve written 236 posts, which attracted 8754 views and 839 comments. The best months, with almost identical figures, were May and November last year. Easy to understand, as I released Blood is Heavier in May and, with Kristie Haigwood, Eternal Island on Halloween. The moral seems to be – release a book every month for optimum results! Yeah. Not going to happen.

I struggled to find my blogging voice to begin with, so… go ahead and laugh. I deserve it. Here’s what my first blog post ever looked like:



A woman’s life


The most important thing to a woman is financial security.

Despite this being of paramount importance, so is acquiring expensive clothes.

Despite owning lots of expensive clothes, a woman never has something to wear.

Despite having nothing to wear, women always dress well.

Despite always dressing well, the clothes they wear are always ‘this old thing’.

Despite wearing ‘this old thing’, women expect their men to compliment them.

Despite the many compliments men make, women never believe them, unless they can also offer financial security.

A man’s life


Every man is busy.

Despite being busy, men always have time for women.

Despite having time for women, they’re ‘not that into them’.

Despite being ‘not that into them’, they always have a woman by their side.

Despite having a woman by their side, they often flirt with others.

Despite flirting with others, they get annoyed when a woman leaves them.

Despite getting annoyed when their woman leaves them, they don’t learn from their mistakes, they’re too busy.


11 Replies to “Happy Birthday to Me! Well… to my Blog!”

  1. What a cool first post! Happy blog birthday! I’ll be here for more all year long!
    Wouldn’t want to miss out on your witty comments and teases:)

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