Review: Gone, by Adam Light


Gone is another short read – and good job it is, because my mind can only take so much!

This book is right up my street. I don’t see how it could have been improved. The mental turmoil Greg goes through is unbelievably well described. You could easily understand his feelings, his emotions; they are so real! It honestly made me wonder whether that is the way I would react if I ever found myself in Greg’s shoes. Shoe, rather, because he lost the other one.

Intrigued yet? Pick it up. You won’t be sorry. The only thing you need to have as you start reading this story is an open mind. The author’s amazing ability to convey the eerie atmosphere will do the rest, do not fear. Oops. Maybe you should.

A five star read, not to be missed. This author has got me hooked.

4 Replies to “Review: Gone, by Adam Light”

  1. This one stayed with me for days. I just kept thinking about it. Adam really surprised me with the direction he took.
    Both of the Light brothers are very talented and take delight in shocking the s h # t out of ya.

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