Review: Wizard Pair, by James Eggebeen

Wiz Pair

Book three of the Apprentice to Master series, Wizard Pair is actually the prequel to books one and two. It can be read out of sequence as it is a complete story. If you’re interested, you can see my reviews for book oneFoundling Wizard – and book twoWizard’s Education – by clicking on the links.

Of all the books in the series, this one is my favourite. I love everything about dragons – their majesty, their mystery, their legends. The author’s take on the existence, and later disappearance, of dragons is unique. Mr. Eggebeen has woven this most intriguing character into his story and taken its role beyond that of a creature. His dragons have a purpose, individual voices and characters, and their interaction with the human race is, to say the least, eventful.

Lorit and Chihon take a back seat as we meet the two characters we were all wondering about – the Wizard Zhimosom and the Sorceress Rotiaqua, and we see how they arrived to be the Mighty Ones. A lot of loose ends get tidied up in this instalment of the wizards’ life, the most hilarious being the genuine awkwardness between Zhimosom and Rotiaqua. We get to meet the evil priest Sulrad, too, and we learn about the beginnings of the Temple of Ran. Do you remember the Plains of Grass with their scaly, squat inhabitants? What about the healing pools in Rohir? Both are explained here.

The plot is jam-packed with action and tightly twisted around the sub-plots. There is good pace and a mighty battle or two – how could you have dragons and not a war involving them? There is a little more emotion, more warmth to the dialogue, and there are also questions, choices that, as a reader, I wouldn’t want to have to make.

While Wizard’s Education’s forte is its finale of highly imaginative trials, Wizard Pair involves trials of a different kind, life lessons which are hard to live through, peppered all the way through the story. A very good book for those who love epic fantasy without too much gore, and brilliant for children, lovers of adventure and of dragons. Another five star read from Mr. Eggebeen. This series is getting better and better.


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