2013 – Week 8 And What Planet Am I On?

Admittedly, a better adrenaline rush than editing
Admittedly, a better adrenaline rush than editing

Welcome to newsletter number eight. Life is full, but who likes boredom anyway? I’ll keep it short today, because there are only another dozen different things I must do. Only. And I absolutely must do them. I hate working to a deadline, but I seem to achieve more because of said deadline. Who says editors can’t get the odd adrenaline rush?

Editing has filled my days this week, and kept me up until gone 10 pm every night but one (and that’s only because I had tickets to go see a show). I’ve been working on two edits at once, one in its first and the other in its final round. Well on track to finish one edit tomorrow, phew! For the other, I’ve tried a little experiment – it may or may not work, but it’s proving helpful so far. Innovative and unorthodox maybe, but good fun. See? Editing isn’t as boring as some people think. And then… there’s that book of bloopers that keeps haunting my thoughts… One day – one day I’ll publish it!

My TBR list is getting longer and I read not a single word of the old stock – just no time for it. If I wasn’t asleep I was editing, and if I wasn’t editing I was asleep. Hoping to catch up on some reading this coming week, with a bit of luck.

I’ve also organised a few Author Features on my blog, so you’ll have plenty of chance to be entertained again. Yes, indeedy. I’m finally giving writing and my blog the attention they deserve, you’ll be pleased to know. As for Nick Hunter, he’s been shouting at me in my dreams, so I’ll have to let him tell more of his story. Blood is Power is next in line, right after Eternal Immortality. For now, you can feast your eyes on this excerpt on the Unseen Promise’s Blog.

Farewell, goodbye, auf wiedersehen, adieu and see you all next time! Must run. 🙂


5 Replies to “2013 – Week 8 And What Planet Am I On?”

  1. Great pic. I watched that awesome crash. Don’t care what anyone says, that is the highlight of Nascar racing. Am I evil, or what. he editing is most important, gotta keep us readers from rushing the gates, demanding more. LOL Have a great rest of the weekend.

  2. You need to stop teasing me with these excerpts unless you plan to give me more (like all) soon. You know I CAN’T NOT read them, and you add just a little more each time you post! I’m gonna be ready for the 3rd by the time I get the second in my hands! Hurry up, chica! LOL. Joking. I know you have a million things going on at once. Take a day – or 5 – then satisfy Hunter’s demand to finish that book. Mwah! ❤

    1. Letters don’t, but characters from the two books I’m editing plus the five stories I have in my head, waiting to be written, have a mighty party in my head all night long! Seriously! Gangnam style! O.O (maybe I should patent this drug)

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