7-7-7 Tag Game

Finally made it – found the approximate seven minutes necessary to participate in this game. Thank you, Emma, and please accept my apologies for the delay.

The rules are simple: go to page 7 or 77 of your current work in progress, count down seven lines and post the next seven lines on your blog. Then you can nominate seven other authors to play the game.

As you’ve seen all my 7-7-7 wip work so far, I’m left with two choices: to pick another number and pretend I’m rubbish at maths (and you’ll never catch me admitting to that) or take the first seven lines of my next work to be published. I chose the latter.

So, here are the first seven lines (ok, seven and a half, as I decided to share the whole sentence that starts on line seven) from Blood is Power, book two in the Hunter Trilogy.


The woman screamed. Muscle and sinew tensed and veins stood out in her neck. The sizzling died down as the smell of charred flesh overpowered the sweet scent of orchids.

The cameraman gagged, turned briskly and vomited into the bushes.

“Shit! Another lightweight.”

“I’ll start advertising for a new cameraman immediately, Sir.”

“You do that.”

In the background, the woman was slumped in her chains, though not much of her body had moved out of position; the ties held her fast. 


And my seven nominees are, in no particular order:









4 Replies to “7-7-7 Tag Game”

  1. Okay, that sounds horrific and intriguing. Thanks for playing, Ella. And no need to apologise – I know I have an award from you I still need to write a post on.

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