Review: Heart of the King, by Bruce Blake

award ellaIn fact, this post is much more than a simple book review. Heart of the King concludes Khirro’s Journey trilogy, and a very well-written series.

I strongly recommend reading the whole series. It would be a very good use of your time if you simply enjoy reading, are an epic fantasy fan, or even as a writing aid – there are a lot of things a budding author could learn from these three books, and there can be worse ways to learn them than by reading and taking in the finer points of a more-than-enjoyable story.

I would also like to show my appreciation and offer many thanks to Bruce for putting so much energy, talent and imagination in creating Khirro’s Journey. The storyline is so much farther-reaching than first meets the eye. Bruce, perhaps this isn’t much, but it’s all I have to give you. Please accept the Life Changing Read Award for this series.


And now, let me tell you about Heart of the King, today’s shining star!

Heart of the KingAmazon:


The third and last book in Khirro’s Journey, Heart of the King is in so many ways THE END. But it’s also a bright new beginning.
When I first met Khirro I felt a deep rush of emotion towards him – not because he was a hero, or because he was handsome, or even for his smart quips. Khirro felt close to me because he was normal, imperfect, one of us. Any one of  us.
Through the mission he was given, he grew into a man and began to understand the world around him as he carried the blood of his King close to his heart. His cowardice and inexperience gave reason for soul-searching and his interactions with his fellow companions were a constant source of amusement. Once he became the guardian of the King’s spirit, Khirro started to change. Imperceptible at first, these small changes brought into clearer focus – to him and us, too – the vastness and variety of life, the rich tapestry of human nature and the depth of darkness to some human souls. To survive, timid, trustful Khirro had to grow up.
On the last leg of his journey, Khirro is a man. His thoughts, actions and words prove it – and yet, a trace of old Khirro is still in there, still making him wonder at the atrocities human beings are capable of, still making him loathe to take a life, still keeping him back from becoming what he would call ‘a hero’.
Written in the same cursive, easy-reading style, this finale finds itself much higher on the intensity charts. The action is relentless. Don’t even think you’ll be able to put it down – the tension will likely give you a heart attack if you so much as try. Just as in the first two novels, the descriptions are very good, characterization flawless, and we end up with a very satisfying tale of good wins over evil.
Have I enjoyed it? Does the sun rise in the East? I don’t remember reading a more enjoyable series – ever. I will refrain from any comparisons with authors old and new, because I would not be doing Khirro’s Journey justice. This series is as original as it gets, and the writing is good enough to teach a lot of best-selling authors a thing or two. Well worth reading. I wholeheartedly recommend it. 5 stars – though I’d give it double if only I could.
For Khirro’s Journey, Bruce Blake received the Life Changing Read Award.

11 Replies to “Review: Heart of the King, by Bruce Blake”

  1. Wonderful review Ella. I’ve had his On Unfaithful Wings in my kindle for a while. Really need to read it. it Sounds like I’ll enjoy Russell’s writing.Have to check out this series!

  2. So sorry. I’m reading one of Russell Blake’s books right now and confused the first names. Yikes. Should have said Bruce. Sorry:(

  3. Thanks for the very kind words, Ella. It was a lot of fun writing about Khirro and his adventures. And don’t worry about mixing up the name’s, fuonlyknew…I’d love to sell as many books as Russell Blake (no relation)!

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Ella. It was great fun following Khirro around and writing down all his adventures. And don’t worry about messing up the names, fuonlyknew…I’d love to sell as many books as Russell Blake! (No relation, BTW.)

    1. I feel horrible. Like Ella said, too many books to read! I saw her post in my emails and recognized your name right away. Even remembered your book, but when I was typing out came Russell’s name. Hit the comment button before I could edit. So sorry:)
      Sounds to me like you are on your way. A rating like this from Ella is high praise indeed!

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