2013 – Week 4 and Feeling Square

Newsletter number 4! Wow, I actually stuck with it. Sometimes I amaze myself.

My TBR – not bad for a week: only two new titles added. Two reviews published. Not catching up, but not losing ground either. Feeling good. Perhaps I can reverse the trend. Here’s the review for Christina Moore’s Fire Born, and here’s the one for Bruce Blake’s Heart of the King.

Editing – by far the most successful side of my work at the moment, it’s what makes most of my days fun. I’ve finished one edit on a very exciting epic fantasy, and started a new edit on another. Ok, so I did take a day off, but that was mostly due to the fact that Tosh, my lovely laptop, needed a visit to the doctor’s. It still whirrs and clonks, but quieter. It doesn’t burn my fingers when I touch the mouse pad, so I’d call that a success story. Or it could be delayed failure.

My head feels square and somewhat disconnected, but it's worth it!
My head feels square and somewhat disconnected, but it’s worth it!

Anyway, back to editing. I’m hoping to finish round one of this week’s edit tomorrow or early the day after. That would be nice. While I wait for the changes, I’ll do an edit on a paranormal (which I can hardly wait to read, by the way, because I’ve seen some snippets and they seemed very powerfully written). I’ve already received it, and it’s sitting there, patiently waiting its turn, in my ‘To Do’ folder.

I had one scare when the manuscript I’d been working on for three days suddenly disappeared off my laptop, but I kept calm (read ‘shouted, but not quite at the top of my voice’) and pestered my reluctant computer to let me recover the file. Eventually, it did. Phew! That was a close one! It took a lot of searching for and through temp files to get it, but I’m happy I finally did, even if it cost me an extra hundred white hairs.

On the blog side of things, I’ve received another award from Karen at karensdifferentcorners – I’ll deal with that later in the week. I’ve also offered to take part in a blog tour organised for one of my older friends on the blogging scene, Ahmad Taylor, otherwise known as 24/7. I’ll post the link to his Author Feature in next week’s newsletter.

A-ha! A thriller!
A-ha! A thriller!

My new item this week materialised itself in the shape of one crazy thriller idea. It seriously scared me – yes, of course it stalked my dreams! It will be a challenge writing it, but challenges are what I like. Trouble is, it’ll probably be about sixth in line, because there are so many books I have committed myself to writing first, and I can’t sideline any of them; they’re too cool. So that may be something for 2014. Can I live with my brain festering with scary thoughts until then? Time will tell.

And last, but by no means least, I managed to inspire a young person to write. Yes, this fifteen year old wanted to know where to start when writing a novel. Cue major rummage through Writing Magazines, and quite a bit of thinking. Is there a rule? Not sure about that. Anyway, I am determined to help him, and not just because it brings me the warm and fuzzies. A new writer in the making – that’s such a nice feeling, don’t you think?


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