2013 – Week 3, The Good and The Bad

It’s that time again – the time of the newsletter.

My TBR – where do I start? I made a promise and didn’t keep it. I’m sorry about that. Rest assured, I’ve learned my lesson. I will never, ever, promise to not buy books for a whole week. Doesn’t work. My Kindle got so overcrowded, it needed therapy. So I purged a few titles and the new total stands at 218. Manageable, I’d say.

I also promised to post five reviews. I managed one (here it is), and wrote three more – just didn’t post them yet. So close, and yet so far!

But at least I’ve got a good excuse. Honestly. My gorgeous Toshiba laptop, just out of warranty, is behaving out of character. I’m quite concerned about poor Tosh. It randomly whirrs and clonks and heats up so much, my fingers feel the burn when I touch the mouse pad. Then it shuts itself down. Dead. At this rate, I’ll end up having to borrow one of my kids’ old laptops, and the best one has a cracked screen (don’t ask!).

broken laptopI’m just not sure Tosh will survive much longer. I’ll take him to the doc’s and, between us, we’ll do our best. Yes, I’ve worn out its keys and the left mouse button is shot, but I’ve got every file and folder sorted, every icon where I want it, software I’ll have to remember to shift to a new machine (or acquire anew), links, favourites, etc. I’m sad. Very, very sad. I love my Tosh. Just don’t judge me!

I will confess to coming close to setting it on fire out of sheer frustration once or twice, but my husband helped me through those tense moments by implementing subtle changes to the décor in every room (he so ‘gets’ me!):

angry at computer

Editing – Almost finished a full edit for an epic fantasy, and what a wonderful book it is! I’ve been lucky to work of the whole trilogy, and I’ve enjoyed my work more than should be allowed. Editing can be fun, folks. Remind me of these words if ever I sound defeated. I’ll take a day off (and spend it laptop-shopping, probably), and then it’s time for another epic fantasy, again on book three of a longer series. Love the characters and beasts in this one!

I’ve got three more editing jobs lined up and waiting after that, and I don’t see how I’ll get a chance to write anything until after I’ve completed them all. I certainly didn’t manage any writing this past week.

On the plus side, the already-written books are doing great. There’s another giveaway going on on Laura’s blog, this time for Eternal Island. She reviews it and has already booked her one-way ticket to the Island. Oh, and Kristie and I talk about co-authoring, how we got together and the secret to our success. Have a look.

My something new this week centred around understanding computer language – believe me, it took a lot of research – and running diagnostics and uninstalling and defragmenting and God-knows-what. I’ve reached my new term absorption limit by Friday, and only slept properly one night in the last nine. When you dream about researching computer terms, you know you’ve gone too far. There’s got to be more to life!

In the process, I’ve decided to uninstall Evernote, as all those links it stored for me could be kept in a document just as easily, and taking less space. BrandYourself, too, will have to wait a while before I can adequately test it.

The next decision I’ll have to make is whether to keep my website as well as this blog. If I lose Tosh, I lose the ability to update the website, as the supporting software cannot be transferred and I sure don’t feel I should be paying for it again. I could use that money to upgrade my blog and customise it to include any additional information I have on the website, if any.

What do you think? Website and blog? Just blog? Just website? Upgraded blog? I will read all suggestions, so please share your experiences; I value every one.


14 Replies to “2013 – Week 3, The Good and The Bad”

  1. Hi Ella. Count to ten. Now count to ten again. Did it help? I never get to ten before…. I have such a love/hate relationship with my computer. I don’t understand how, one minute it’s zooming along, the next it’s so slow or locked up, I’m ready to throw it in the pool. I’ve only been blogging six months or so, but it looks to me like a blog can do everything or more than a website, possibly for less money too.?.

    1. I certainly find the blog waaaaay easier to update than the content on my website (which hasn’t changed for months because it’s a pain to do!).

      Ok, so you’re suggesting to forget arson and build a pool instead. Cool. 😉

  2. I asked other authors that very question–website AND blog or just a blog. All but one told me they didn’t receive much traffic to their website, and they felt their blog was all they needed. And so far, it’s worked fine for me. Then again, if I had several books out, I’d probably create a website, too. Some day, I guess. 🙂

  3. This blog works great Ella.You said it all above, you don’t change your website as it is a pain. Simplify and enjoy. Just got motivated to start The Grey Zone. Am about 5,000 words into it. Just getting started. I wrote a forward on this one, put the personnel data in as an appendix. Am looking for someone intimately familiar with the entire trilogy to volunteer write the introduction to the first novel in the new series that picks up where The Grey Dawn left off. To date I have been sort of fact based,. in the new series, i am going to have to go to pure fiction early on, as I am outpacing history. 🙂

    1. You mean a different voice to yours? Possibly of an army background? What would you look for in the introduction? I see it as several people who know the Deacon talking about him – a sideways view from the characters, his friends, and possibly Mary Jane, too. Think about it. You could use their individual voices and show how they each feel, individually, about the current circumstances in the country, the Deacon himself, and the part they may play/like to play in future ops. You’ve got my email.

    1. Booked my little Tosh in for a check-up tomorrow. How will I last one whole day without it? I’ll have to interact with people! Oh, the horror!

      I’ll see if this one can be fixed, and then I’ll buy a new one with a view of having a spare which actually works. LOL

  4. You’re one busy lady. My laptop is also on its last legs and I dropped it over Christmas and now there are two thick black streaks going from one side of the screen to another, too.
    I have a website yet I barely use it. Good luck with whatever you decide to go with.

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