The White Stuff is Here…

…and England has ground to a halt. Happens every time it snows. It is such a feared natural phenomenon – NATURAL, guys, geddit? – that even the news crews on TV don’t call it by its name. Snow is known as ‘the s-word’ or ‘the white stuff’.


It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. I remember, as a kid, marching to school behind one of my teachers, part of a moving human caterpillar, with snow up to my shoulder level on both sides of the narrow trench we flattened as we walked. Eighty percent of us made it to school that day, teachers and pupils alike. Adults led by example and we relished the feeling of having conquered this small battle, despite being soaked and facing another long walk back home in the afternoon.

Nowadays… What do we get? Kids watching the College website, knowing there will be a notification telling them to stay at home. I’m watching the news as I write this and I’ve just heard an ‘expert’ encourage people to stay at home and not ‘risk’ trying to get to work. Nice one!

Health and Safety will keep us in one piece, no broken bones, perhaps, but it will ultimately mean the death of our sense of responsibility, common sense and self esteem.

If you want to see some pretty pictures taken at 6am this morning by one of my kids, click on the link below.



16 Replies to “The White Stuff is Here…”

  1. Update to post: one kid back from school due to lack of relevant teachers. It’s 10am. No school buses, but we live close enough to walk. The snow has turned to slush. Teachers! Get to work!

  2. So true. Good post. As a child, I remember going to school in heavy snow and ice, trying to drink the free bottles of frozen milk in the playground, having snowball fights,falling over, getting cuts, grazes, bruises and chilled extremities – wonderful!

    Sadly, we are becoming weedy and will pay the price for weediness in a hostile world.

    1. Exactly! How many allergies did we, or our friends, have back in the 70s-80s? How many forms did we fill in when we fell over? Just look at us now! We need to mutate back into something stronger, or the human species is doomed! And not just physically. šŸ˜‰

  3. I know exactly what you are saying. I used to walk over a mile one way to school all through my junior high school years. We are raising a bunch of lazy, soft woosies (not sure how you spell pansy ^_^). It makes you wonder what the future holds when these kids are running the world.

    Now I live where it is warmer and if there is snow, it is a real phenomenon. I don’t miss it.

    Thanks for the post.

      1. Now that would be a sight! Alligators in the snow! Send me a picture if you ever see that. šŸ™‚

        Oooh, what a brilliant title for a short, quirky story! You’re geniuses, you two!

      2. I’ve never been on a skiing holiday. I’m quite lazy though so the thought of sitting in a warm cabin by the fire with hot chocolate appeals to me more than the actual skiing part šŸ™‚

            1. Sorry ladies. I really don’t get much blogging…….done when Super Brain is home. LOL We went over to Senior Bowl practice today. It’s MLK day so he didn’t work. I will get busy on it soon, I promise.

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