Review: Taken, by Adam Light


Taken is a short read – half an hour at the most. I loved it – concept, voice, outcome, weirdness factor. All of it.

Jack Harden is a long-distance truck driver. He’s very much in love with his wife, ‘sweet Goddamn Dianne’, and would do anything she asks for, to please her.

So far, a story like any other. Until you read the words ‘In the rear-view mirror, Jack glanced at the waitress he had duct-taped and tied down on his bunk.’ The simple story turns thriller.

I’m not sure what genre Taken fits into, because the tone and pace change dramatically from the first page to the end paragraph. The style is tight, with no unnecessary fluff. Descriptions are concise, dialogue flows, there is skill to the way this story is written. The ending is satisfying and quite dark – there was little indication of it at the beginning. I can’t imagine it could have been improved in any way, with the exception of some light proofreading. Minor issues; they did not spoil my enjoyment.

This was the first story by Adam Light I’ve read, and I enjoyed it enough to make me want to read other books by this author. I might read it again. It gets five stars from me.


6 Replies to “Review: Taken, by Adam Light”

  1. Another great review. You have a way with words, ya know:) I love these brothers, Adam and Evans. Have fun with their stories! I am!

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