2013 – Week 1 and What I’ve Learned From It

Hello and welcome, my dear friends.

Do you remember that post about three weeks ago in which I revealed I was thinking of writing a weekly newsletter? Well, I thought about it and decided it would probably be less painful if I managed to take the boring parts out of it and kept it short and sharp and beautiful.

So, here’s try one:


The image above shows exactly what I was doing most of this week. Apart from the drinks. And the cakes. And the occasional hair-pulling (see doll and pins story below).

My TBR list is getting longer – I’ve skipped 170 titles. Hell. At this rate I’ll need to employ someone to walk one step behind me and read at all times. Only trouble is audio books put me to sleep, without exception. So that may not work.

I read Liv Rancourt’s ‘Forever and Ever, Amen’ and reviewed it. I started reading Linda Leander’s books – ‘Inzared’ and ’13 Extreme Tips To Self Publishing’. I intend to do an Author Feature as soon as I’ve finished reading, complete with reviews, so that will be fun.

Editing – I’ve also started the first editing job of the new year – almost finished a developmental read, and this will be followed by an in-depth discussion via Skype in a couple of days’ time. I’ll have to get a move on, as I have a full calendar for January and February, so editing will take precedence over writing for the time being, I’m afraid.

Blood is Power has stagnated, mostly because I had so much on my mind, I needed a de-clutter session. You’ll be pleased to know that has now been completed, extra research has been done, and I am eagerly sticking pins in a little doll named… something starting with ‘Pay’ and rhyming with ‘Sal’. I’ll get back to writing about Nick Hunter as soon as I get a minute, because my readers love him – read Laura’s review and enter the giveaway (open until the 15th).

Anyway, when either the aforementioned doll has completely disintegrated due to my anger management method or my pending case has been ‘resolved’ (what a non-committal word, don’t you think?) I will need a good dose of light and fun in my life, and that will almost certainly translate in Martin Little finally getting his sequel out. EU Regulations and on-line money-transfer organizations may feature highly in it. Don’t read if you’re the regulator. Unless you have a sense of humour.

I’ve tried something new, as I hope to do each week this year. No, it’s not a resolution. They never happen. It’s just nice to learn, I think. I’ve learned a lot about google ranking of sites and have recently downloaded Evernote – apparently good for organizing people with too much to do. Ha! We’ll see about that. I’ll report back with more details on that one next week.

I hope you weren’t bored. Please tell me – honestly. I do value your comments and opinions.


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