Review: Forever and Ever, Amen, by Liv Rancourt Liv Rancourt

It’s not like me to review a book before it is published, but I’ll break my own rule with this one, mostly because I know what this author is capable of. Liv provided me with an ARC which is very close to perfect.

I first learned about Liv Rancourt and experienced her writing style via her blog posts. I liked them. She has a fine sense of humour that shines through almost everything she writes about. In fact, her blog is one that I read with interest because every post is different. Love that.

Ok, back to the book. This is a gentle paranormal story, quite original in its make-up, but focusing on perfectly normal, human emotions that are easy to identify with.

In a few words, Molly Mulligan is a single mother, a mother who is trying hard to do the best thing for her teenage children. Life isn’t easy in the first place, but it all goes really wrong for her after a night out which she can barely remember.

Liv’s writing style is easy reading, but not dumb. Good prose flows nicely, and the plot is well-paced. There is enough tension to keep the reader turning the pages. The descriptions are good, and I could picture with ease the places and situations Molly found herself in. Characterization is also good. Special commendation for the teenage lingo – authentic without being over the top. I loved Violet and Franklin, too.

Dialogues flow naturally. The paranormal element is good. In fact there is not one thing that I could fault, but still… there is something missing, something that stops me jumping up to cheer at Molly’s achievements or commiserate alongside her when fate turns into a harpy. I think I can identify this missing element in the shape of too much self-censorship. The author is reserved, cautious with emotion – both showing and sharing it – and a little too detached. Considering what I knew of Liv Rancourt’s writing style, I wanted to see more humour and abandon, and I did wonder why she was being so careful.

Nevertheless, this was an enjoyable read, and I wished there was more of it. The ending is satisfactory, though cut short – again, I would have liked to see a bit more flesh to it. I would love to read the sequel, if there was one. I would not hesitate to pick it up when/if it became available. A good read, suitable for any age, and well deserving of a 4.5 star rating.


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