Review: My True Love Gave To Me, by Christine Lynxwiler

my true love

My True Love Gave To Me is a novella with a strong Christian Christmas message. Another one that I wouldn’t usually read. What made it easier for me was the fact that all references to the Bible were in italics, so I simply skipped over those. The message was clear enough without them.

The story is simple. Penny is a very organised mother to two young teens, and she resents her precise schedule being disrupted in any way. The children have their own agendas, as all teenagers do, but Phillip does the unthinkable. Over the Christmas holidays.

It would be hard to tell you more without introducing spoilers, but suffice it to say it has something to do with an RV and a happy ending. To be honest, when I saw the chapter one title, I almost put the book down. Holidays and RVs – only vampires are more overdone by the American entertainment industry!

Anyway, back to basics. Plot – good, with a few nice surprises. Descriptions – meh – didn’t quite see the scene, and never got my head around the RV layout, but I just went with it. Not bad enough to cause me a problem.

I found the writing style easy-reading and fun. The chapter titles followed the pattern of the well known carol, which was a nice touch, and the characters were good. There wasn’t much about Phillip until late into the story, so I didn’t feel close to him until that point. I ‘got’ Penny right away, and not only because she provided the narration, too. The dialogues flowed and the children’s reactions and mannerisms were very believable, clearly inspired from own experience.

All in all, not a bad little story. 4.5 stars, easily. It would appeal to any average US family, especially those attending church on a regular basis.


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