Spotlight on Author Tara Fox Hall – Virtual Blog Tour and Giveaway

The Shadow Man (Lash Series Book 2) Virtual Blog Tour has started. Nip over to Page Turner Book Tours to take part in the contest and awesome giveaway.

Tara Fox Hall’s writing credits include nonfiction, horror, suspense, action-adventure, erotica, and contemporary and historical paranormal romance. She is the author of the paranormal action-adventure Lash series and the vampire romantic suspense Promise Me series. Tara divides her free time unequally between writing novels and short stories, chainsawing firewood, caring for stray animals, sewing cat and dog beds for donation to animal shelters, and target practice.


Let’s have a closer look at the books.

Shadow Man (Lash Series Book #2)

Blurb: When a renegade vampire begins amassing followers, threatening America’s vampire hierarchy, weresnake Lash partners with old enemies and new allies to annihilate them. Betrayed and left for dead, Lash reemerges the victor, catching the eye of the sultry nightclub singer Cassandra Nile, even as enemies close in from every side.

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Excerpt from Shadow Man:

“What’s that smoke?” Spiderboy asked, changing back as he pulled on his clothes as fast as he could. “Something’s burning, and it’s huge!”

My gut clenched like a fist, and I hit the accelerator, swearing to myself.


I drove up to the small town outside Lafayette at dusk. It was smoking, and the grocery store and the diner were partly burned. There was no one in their homes, and no pets to be seen. The old man I’d spoken to years ago was gone, his house empty, the lights on. But something made me curious. By the breakfast plates set out in the kitchen, it was clear that he’d been fixing breakfast this very morning. So how had the vampires come for him in daylight?

We checked the other houses, our guns out and ready. Everyone was gone, though some, by the blood and mess left in the houses, had not gone willingly. By the time we were done, it was full dark.

When we went to the church, we found that it was burned too, to the ground. Standing in the still-smoldering ashes was a three-foot-tall pole, the top covered with a black bag. Spiderboy’s eyes were very wide as he stood, staring, but I just walked up to the pole, and gently took the bag off. As soon as I did, Spiderboy threw up behind me, making mewling sounds.

Stuck on the end of the pole was Jeanna’s head, her mouth lolling open to reveal a tongue that had been split by a knife so it was forked. Her fangs had been pulled out, and her eyes burnt to cinders. The word ‘traitor’ had been deeply burned into the flesh of her forehead.

I stood for a moment, considering the message. The forked tongue meant Eli knew I was spying on him, or that I’d been working with her. The brand of ‘traitor’ and the pulled fangs meant he knew it was Jacob behind this, that Jeanna hadn’t been working just with me. She’d been covered to ensure that the sun wouldn’t be able to erase what she’d suffered before I got a chance to see it.

I didn’t know who’d killed her or tortured her, but someone had come for the humans here in the day, to take them. And there was only one group I knew of that worked for Eli who could walk in daylight: the members of the werecreature church.


Lash (Volume 1)

Blurb: Scarred from a childhood spent in perpetual indigence after being forced from their home in the Everglades, weresnake Trystan Valeras and his family make their way to the Case Hotel. When his wealthy gangster father arrives the summer he turns sixteen, Trystan’s dream of a better life, along with the lovely aristocrat Mara, is suddenly within his grasp. Instead of paradise, a series of devastating events unfold, leading Trystan to become the instrument of his dying father’s revenge. His violent reprisal instigates a backlash of murder and death, forcing Trystan to flee with the remains of his family to the sultry city of New Orleans where he sells himself into the service of the Vampire Lord Abraham. Becoming the assassin Lash to hide his identity, Trystan finds a measure of peace, even as his skill with killing heightens, bringing to him not only new allies, but also new adversaries.

Lash on

Excerpt from Lash:

After we had breakfast the next day and my sister was napping, my father told me why he had asked me to come.

“I’ll give you fighting training, if you will accept it,” he said flatly. “There is a man who is the best trainer in the South. I’ve sent him money, and he’s agreed to train you. You must go to him in a week’s time. You’ll have to take your sister home, and then head west right away to—”

“Why?” I said, sickened. “I can provide for my sisters with my job.”

“I need you to do this,” my father said in a steely tone. “Because in a year, I will not be able to protect you anymore, Tryst. Then Kline will come for you, or send someone else.” He bared his arm to me. It had holes surrounded by dead tissue from a snakebite. The sweet scent of rot permeated the air. “I am holding it off with a demon spell, but I don’t know how long it will last—”

I stared at him, shocked. “You are dying? Why didn’t you write us?”

“I couldn’t tell your mother,” he said gruffly. “If she knew I was dying, she would come to me, not caring she was risking her life. But I care. It is better she hates me, as I know she is starting to, by the tone of her letters—”

He wasn’t as cold as I’d always made him to be. “Father—”

“Tell her after it’s done that I was faithful to her since mating to her, even though we have been apart, and more than one werewoman has offered to relieve the strain of being alone. Tell her I love her, as I have since the day I met her. And tell your other sisters that despite never having seen them, I love them too—”

“You should go to her, see them, at least once before you die,” I interrupted. “They need to see you. Mother needs to see you, at the very least to say good-bye—”

“The only way would be teleportation, via demon,” my father said dismissively. “There is no demon I would trust enough to take to your home. Once they visit a place once, Tryst, they can return at will, and take others there. It is worth it to me not to go, to know they and you are safe, because I was unselfish enough to make you safe.” He paused. “Trust no one but your family, Tryst.”

“But couldn’t you come via demon, then travel closer by car—”

“No. You will understand in time, Tryst,” Jared said firmly. “Now—yes or no?”

“Yes,” I said, sick. How could I refuse a dying wish? Like he said, I would soon be the only thing between my mother and sisters and Kline. If Ramirez came for me, I wanted to put up enough fight to make him remember my name.


What the readers thought about the Lash series:

‘Lovely, shocking, involving, and truly remarkable.’

‘To say this is a good book is to make a vast understatement.’

‘Tara Fox Hall’s superb writing draws you in, so that even when you are repelled by some of Lash’s acts, you cannot help feeling some sympathy for him. And you find yourself gripped by a horrid fascination.
A very disturbing book written by a mistress of horror. Well done, Tara. You creeped me out again!’

‘Ms. Fox Hall reveals a rich and complex world of were-folk and vampires that promises to provide a setting for many great future characters and stories. Watch for her future works because this story has set the scene for what promises to be a great series of tales that will appeal to a broad base of readers.’

‘The story of Lash, is so captivating that it pulls you in from the first sentence and leaves you wanting more when you reach the last sentence. This was another one of her books that I could not set down. I just love Lash so much he is my total book crush!’


10 Quick-fire Questions with Tara Fox Hall

1. Best holiday right now: Snowboarding or swimming with dolphins?
Swimming with Dolphins
2. Best living space: Penthouse or log cabin?
Log cabin!
3. Best relaxation: Fun with the girls or night in with your thoughts?
Night in my own thoughts (which likely would mean sleeping…)
4. Best entertainment: Book or movie?
If the Hobbit was out…MOVIE!
5. Best man: Funny or Intense?
Intense, always…
6. Best hero: Knowledgeable or Reluctant?
Knowledgeable, ALWAYS…
7. Best fantasy character: Angel or demon?
Demon, always
8. Best pick-me-up: Hug or chocolate?
50/50. I love a hug from my husband when I’m bone-tired. But when he’s not within arms length, chocolate will usually fill in okay…given it is in copious quantities… 🙂
9. Best walk: Top of a mountain or deep in the woods?
If I’m out west with no bugs, in the woods! If I’m here in the northeast….hell, in the woods, too. No heights for me!
10. Best friend: Human or animal?
Animal…like the little furry screaming thing that is even now right below my feet demanding a lap.


If you’d like to get in contact with Tara, here’s how:


Email: tarafoxhallATgmailDOTcom

Tara’s Blog:

Tara’s Facebook Page:


Amazon Webpage:


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  1. I’ve heard of a weresnake before. I wonder if it was from Tara? Sounds so creepy cool!
    Great post.
    I’m all for Demons and Animals too:)

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