Review: Leaf Chronicles – a story, by Darlene Williams

This is an unusual way to go about reviewing.
Quite unlike me.

I tripped over an event on facebook (here it is) organised by Darlene Williams, who is a historical fiction author and reviewer. She operates the popular Darlene Elizabeth Williams HF Reviews. She’s written this story, Leaf Chronicles, and entered it in a contest here:

Do feel free to click on the link and read it, even if you don’t feel inclined to review it. This is what I thought about it:

I’m not a great reader of short fiction, but that did not detract in any way from the enjoyment I felt whilst reading Leaf Chronicles. I thought it was a very inspired way to describe the journey through life and a brilliant analogy with us, humans. So many points in that poor little leaf’s development I could identify with, and so many I could recognise in others. My children, my friends, my co-workers, cliques at work (pre-lonely-writing type). Despite the low word count, I did feel like I knew the main character well enough to cross the road and figuratively shake his hand. I wanted to. There is a strength in that leaf that many of us wish they could find within themselves. Beautiful story. Absolutely loved it. Well done, Darlene!

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