Review: Luca’s Magic Embrace, by Kym Grosso

Luca’s Magic Embrace is the second book in the Immortals of New Orleans Series.

I’ve had the pleasure to read book one, too – Kade’s Dark Embrace. Here’s a link to that review, in case you’re interested.

The action takes place in a world where vampires, werewolves and witchcraft are accepted as a way of life. That in itself is a thought-provoking concept and I enjoyed playing the consequences of such an existence through my mind.

Equally enjoyable was the transformation the main character goes through – for a man who denies the fact that love exists, Luca falls true and proper.

Kym’s characterization is good, as always, and you can easily understand the play of emotion in each character’s mind. The descriptions provide a good backdrop for the plot and storyline is interesting and engaging.

However, I did feel the book a little rushed. For such high quality content, I really wanted more. Having said that, I cannot penalize Kym for not catering to my personal wishes. This book is good, it is worth reading and – watch out – it is hot. Not for under 18s. I also like the fact that, despite being part of a series, it stands alone and is a complete story in itself.

Now I have to award the stars and I’m wavering somewhere around 4.5 to 5. Forget the stars. Just read it. You’ll enjoy it.

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