I’m Still Alive

Hi, guys. Just in case you think I’ve moved to internet-free Scotland… I haven’t. I’ve been busy editing. And then struggled to fix my new super-dooper fibre optic Internet thingie… which took half a day to install and another half of day of cursing to get right. Now it only requires borderline harsh words every few hours. A win-win, I would say.

Right – next move, I will re-arrange this blog, add the odd page or two and then ask for your opinion. So please bear with me, I am still alive, still kicking, and still writing stuff.

Love you all 🙂




3 Replies to “I’m Still Alive”

    1. I’m sure places with lots of people do have internet – Scotland or anywhere else. Where I went, though, there wasn’t much point. No people – no services. I’m pretty sure I saw more dolphins than humans during those two weeks 🙂

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