Why Is Twitter So Dim-witted?

Please help me before I lose my last tiny shred of patience with twitter, guys.

Why-oh-why, under the heading @Connect – twitter interactions – I can see only people who RT-ed me and followed me, but no actual INTERACTIONS!

Ugh! I hate being a non-nerd!


3 Replies to “Why Is Twitter So Dim-witted?”

  1. Over to the left you’ll see two words: Interactions & Mentions. Try clicking Mentions & then clicking back to Interactions. It did this to me once on my phone. I had to log out of twitter, actually shut my phone down & then boot back up and sign back in to twitter. Try that. I’m not a nerd either, but I do learn from experience.

  2. Got it guys – went back to basics and restarted my computer and went through every option. I can see them now. I hate this stuff. Why can’t machines just… behave? 😦

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