Quick pics

I’ve finally got to some of the holiday pics and I wanted to share them with you. I’ll write more about them tomorrow.

Here’s the view from the terrace: 

We were right opposite the Summer Isles, and the Isle of Lewis is in the far distance:


Here’s the cottage (wrong time of day, wrong angle, but you get the idea). All but the two windows over the spiral staircase are sea side of it:


Here’s a very well-known peak many tourists wish to climb: Stac Pollaidh (pronounced Stack Polly):


See that narrow road at its base? It took 30 minutes to drive from the cottage to a road that had two lanes (one for each direction). Yup. Remote.

And this is where I consider retiring, once Scotland decides on accepting internet as an item of common use:


Love you, my friends. Talk again tomorrow.

8 Replies to “Quick pics”

  1. I could live there also. As soon as they do they internet thingie:)
    However did you find this sweet place and how could you manage to leave it?

  2. oh it looks a tad cold for me….. but i love the cottage idea overlooking the ocean. I would always have to live near the ocean or water. I grew up on a beach, so it’s in my blood 🙂 xxxx

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