Change Is Good

Two days to go to my holiday and I cannot wait. I cannot believe I’m actually looking forward to sitting still (almost) for ten to twelve hours, but I have organised my in-car entertainment already by packing a good book (special thanks to author Ron Dahle) and gifting my husband a few music CDs for his end-of-June birthday. All I need to do now is bake some chocolate muffins and fill a flask with coffee, and my little piece of vehicle heaven will be complete.

As I’ve thought these very significant details through, I’ve also come to realise that my friends, family and even my dogs have been right all a long about one thing: too much work and not enough play makes a person grouchy. Yes, I’ve heard that one before, but in good stubborn-womanly fashion, I ignored it. Not that I’m ever grouchy – the Ella you know and love is sweetness personified. Very few people would ever dare disagree.

I only stopped this mad carousel of work sandwich (work on different things through the day to fool yourself into believing you are actually taking breaks – ha! Never works for long.) during the last two days, when the need to plan and shop for holiday essentials has finally become imperative.


– Work Sandwich –

Have I enjoyed it, this break? Hell, yeah! Not working from the time I fall out of bed to the time I fall back in it is different, but kind of fun, too.

I have tidied up my schedule and my life expectations to fit in better with the less-grouchy-Ella image I wish to create. You never know, I might even become Lovely Ella, if I get enough play. Yeah, ok, stop winking at each other already.

So, here’s what I plan to do with the rest of this year. Pay attention. I will ask test questions at the end of the lesson.

I will continue to edit (I can hear a few relieved sighs in the audience – you know I could never let you down, my lovely author friends, so save your sighs for something genuinely heart-stopping).

I will put more effort into my writing and do it cleverly, concentrating on one task at a time. It’s no secret – I have a minimum of four works-in-progress at any one time, and that is not working brilliantly at the moment. Luckily, I only took a month or two to work that out, so no major harm done there. I can catch up. I have one release pinned down for December, and a tentative one end-October. I like that. It gives me no wiggle space. I said stop winking.

I will also re-organise my blog so that it offers my followers what they want in a more structured way, and hopefully this will also simplify my life. It will mean a period of adjustment, but it will be worth it.

And I will take some time off every single day. No more 7am to 10pm days from now on. I’ll aim for eight-hour days. My gut feeling is that I will fail to achieve this, at least to start with, but I’ll allow another couple of hours daily for a couple of weeks to give myself an adjustment buffer.

And most of all, I’ll drop the work sandwich. I’ll take it easy, relax and have cake.

– Work Cake (a good helping, but much sweeter) –

8 Replies to “Change Is Good”

  1. I’m gonna miss you. But I hope you have a wonderful time. Have fun and don’t worry about a thing. We will all still be here patiently waiting to hear about everything when you return. Love you bunches. Hugs and gummy bears. Kristie

  2. Have a great tome Ella, hopefully shortly after your return i will be sending you The Grey Dawn, just to keep you honed. Anyway I only expect your reduced work plan to last a week, two at the most. It’s in you girl. It is an incurable affliction you know. Enjoy, Ron

  3. Relax and let your mind rest. Everything flows better after a break. You deserve it. Have a wonderful time and I’ll see ya when you get back!

  4. Only 1 more days! *gasp* Whatever am I going to do without you? *wails and flops down in the floor, kicking and screaming* *sniff-sniff* I’s gonna miss you while you’s away. *hugs*

  5. I would not DARE to contradict you my Darling so I am looking forward to a couple of weeks’ holiday and then to see the new you (structured life and all) when we return. Your loving hubby Brian

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