Review: Deadly Obsession, by Kristine Cayne


I don’t think I’ve read a more enjoyable and plain old engaging read for a very long time. There just isn’t anything I do not like about this book. It’s all action, it’s funny and spicy in places, and it provides a fascinating and entirely believable plot.

Not overly-descriptive, but with just enough narrative to illustrate what is needed and take the story nicely along, the author does a very good job of presenting an angle to her main characters’ lives which would otherwise not have occurred to me. Ok, so it’s fiction. Yes, I knew that. My point is, though, that you won’t think it’s fiction as you read it. It feels real, it draws you in and you won’t want to put it down until the very end.

The characterization is very good. All the characters are very well developed, they have an individual voice and a back story to support their motivations and relationships. There are action sequences that will make you grit your teeth, but also love scenes and dialogue that will put a smile on your face. You can’t help rooting for Nic and Lauren all the way through.

The ending is more than satisfying. I was left content and happy that everyone got what they deserved. Was it too long? No, I don’t think so. In fact, I was a bit miffed that it finished.

Who would enjoy this? Most people, I would think. It should definitely have an adult rating, though the love scenes are tastefully written, with just the right amount of heat and excitement. This is a romance, but the sort of romance that has a bit of everything mixed in with it. It has action, mystery, thrill, fighting, but also love.

I don’t know what inspired Kristine Cayne to write deadly Obsession, but I sure hope she keeps finding this kind of inspiration again and again. I most certainly would read her other books. I recommend this fresh-thinking new author wholeheartedly. Deadly Obsession deserves and gets five stars from me.


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