Spotlight on Author Ronald Dahle


Hello and welcome. Today, I’d like to introduce author Ronald Dahle, the ultimate patriot.

Ron’s style is not an easy pill to swallow. He doesn’t do ‘wool over eyes’. He doesn’t do hiding behind half-truths. If you read his books, be prepared to have your eyes opened. You’ll be asked to think and make hard decisions. Are you ready?

The Churning Cauldron is the first book in this series. This is the beginning.

You’ll find nothing but 5-star reviews. This is what some people say about it:

“I think what makes this book so interesting is the main character. He is a lover, a fighter, a patriot!”

“an incredibly fast moving book that I literally could not lay down”



Grey Death follows The Churning Cauldron. Recently published, it has begun to attract well-deserved attention already.

This post comes in the middle of a promotion period. You can download Grey Death for free from Amazon.

This is a must-read. It may be the only thing you can do to support your country, so do it. Download it, read it, pass it to your kids.

Here’s my review of it, if you’re not convinced.

I won’t bore you with the description – you can get that from Amazon easily enough, but I would very much like you to read this excerpt:

It was their fourth night sitting against a tree in their Ghillie suits, and Joe was thinking that this was the night that it would go down. It was 0230 hours and still in the mid 70s, a stiff breeze was coming out of the South West. This was ideal, thought Joe, as the wind would drive the fire towards the house and the road. The hilltop Joe was on was 500 yards northeast of the compound. With his night vision goggles, he could see everything on the compound as if it was noontime. Joe radioed the Dief and advised him that it was a go, and then radioed Enrique with instructions to proceed.

Enrique knew the success of this mission rested on his shoulders, and he was determined not to fail the Deacon. He started his trail of diesel and gasoline mix on the northeast side of the compound and worked his way barely inside the wood line for the entire 500 yards the line extended and another 100 yards beyond that. This is it, he thought. He took a deep breath, murmured a prayer and bent over to light the trail, hoping all would work. As soon as it ignited, he departed for the pickup point, thoroughly spent from carrying 10 gallons of the gas-diesel mix.
Joe watched Enrique’s every move as he progressed along his route. Joe was as excited as Enrique was, watching the snake of flame wind its way along the perimeter, continuously being spread by the wind, and bearing down on the structures within the compound. Finally, the inner perimeter lights came on and there was a lot of commotion on the scene. Both road exits from the compound were enshrouded in flames. Joe saw the chopper crew head to the helicopter and he heard the whine of the turbines as the engine started. He watched Sirokis head to the helicopter with two briefcases in tow. At this point, Joe radioed the Dief and told him the wick was lit. As soon as the Dief acknowledged this, Joe withdrew down the backside of the hill towards his car, knowing it was all in the Dief’s hands now. He smiled to himself, as he knew Sirokis would be ashes before the fire department arrived.
The Dief readied himself, his heart racing and palms sweating. He was back in the game. He could not help but think of the tumor in his brain and wondered if this event was going to be “the bubble buster” so to speak. The Dief heard the helicopter start to rev up. Shortly, it crested the tree line between him and the compound, lowered its nose and appeared to head straight at him while steadily climbing. Dief took aim and gently squeezed the trigger on the Igla.
The missile hit the helicopter before the blast wave from the firing of the missile was completed. The Dief did not know which was worse, the recoil/shock wave from firing the Igla, or the shockwave of the helicopter exploding in mid-air. While the warhead only had fourteen ounces of plastic explosives in it, it was devastating. Among other things, it ruptured the fuel tank resulting in a massive fireball, part of which was Sirokis, thought the Dief, smiling. The launcher was sterile and, without any fingerprints, the Dief left it there; additionally, he left a tattered copy of the Qur’an the Deacon had given him to “muddy the waters.” He left the Qur’an by a stump he had leaned against while waiting for the event to happen. He then quickly walked down to his car, which was waiting to take him to Tennessee.
Have I whetted your appetite yet?
The Grey Dawn is the third book in The Churning Cauldron series. It will be  released later this year. I, personally, cannot wait.
Now, do you want to meet the man behind all this? You do? Good. I was hoping you’d say that, because I’ve done my usual: I’ve asked the questions. And Ron has been kind enough to answer them.
10 Questions with Ronald Dahle
1. Writing – tell us about the parts of your life that have directly influenced Churning Cauldron, Grey Death and Grey Dawn.
My time in the military and my love of America demanded I write the trilogy, as I see  America slipping away, while most nap.
2. And some indirect events or experiences that must have provided the catalyst to get those stories out there.
I really feel that with the onset of Political Correctness the stage was set to facilitate the loss of our liberties that everyone takes for granted.
3. There’s enough in your books to make people stop and think, but do you have a clear message you wish you could tell the world at large, readers or not?
There is no PC way to put this, but I feel the world is at stake right now! I can’t address this without addressing radical Islam. There is little doubt that they want to take over. People constantly defend the moderate Muslim. I will admit that many Muslims are peace-loving…today. How can anyone who follows a faith whose main documents profess conquering the world be truly peaceful?
4. If you received a phone call from the Deacon later today, asking for your help with an operation, would you refuse, think about it, or jump at the chance? What if he phoned your son? What would your feelings be in that case?
I would jump at the chance to serve alongside with The Deacon and would expect no less from my son and grandsons!
5. What’s the most rewarding thing about writing? And the worst?
Being able to express myself. A right not everyone in the world has, and I feel is being challenged in the US. The worst is commas.
6. The publishing industry is in flux, so things change very quickly for indie authors. You published Churning Cauldron via a publisher, but then chose to self-publish Grey Death. What factors influenced your decision? And please don’t hide behind age – age is just a number.
Basically I became disenchanted with my publisher. I felt abandoned once the book was out. I had problems getting answers to questions. The process was much more expensive than self-publishing. I have little tolerance  for companies who forget the customer.
7. Were there any surprises, any things you would not have expected to happen since you’ve jumped into publishing?
Frankly I didn’t know what to expect, so the answer is unobtainable.
8. The ultimate goal – if you’re happy to talk about it – what would be the minimum you hope to achieve by publishing your books? And the ultimate goal? The one thing that would make you the happiest man on Earth?
My ultimate goal is to leave behind a nation/world where individual rights and freedoms are the norm and not the exception. Socialism/communism only really works with squirrels, as they share their nuts freely. Not so with mankind!
9. A little bit predictable, but I’d love to know what is one piece of advice you wished you had (and heeded) before you started writing, and what would you advise aspiring writers, young or mature?
I wish I had approached writing like I would have a military operation. Select my staff: editor, cover designer, book trailer designer, formatter, and printer. As it worked out it was trial and error, fortunately, with help, I have now identified these critical members of “my team”  and am looking forward writing well into the future. And that is what I recommend to anyone starting off. If you don’t know ask someone on twitter. There is a world of information and help out there, seek it out. I regret not having The Churning cauldron proofread one more time!
10. Please tell us where your fans can find you (including your beautiful photography page) and where they can go to find your works. If you have plans for future releases and upcoming writing projects, please let us know.
I can be found at:
And ten quick-fire shots, if you’ll agree:
1. Steak or salad? Steak
2. Mountain or beach? Mountains
3. Alaska or the Seychelles? Alaska
4. Puppy or kitten? Puppy
5. Lamborghini or Chevy? Chevy
6. Tux or t-shirt? T-shirt
7. Book or movie? Book
8. Mansion or tent? Tent
9. Crowds or seclusion? Seclusion
10. Live meaningfully or forever? Meaningfully. Were I to die today, I would go out proud, and having done and seen things most people can only dream of. I have few regrets, and if given the choice I would likely do it all over again.

5 Replies to “Spotlight on Author Ronald Dahle”

  1. Ella, you did a great job with this. However, you flatter me, I am just a dumb old farm-boy from Maine going through this life, I just call things like I see them and I write the same way. Thanks for having me as your guest today.

      1. Hi Bonnie, just noticed your comment. My email is” Give me a shout. Following is the dedication page to The Grey Dawn.

        This book is dedicated to my wife Gail, who left this world for
        a better place may 24th 2002.

        Gail dutifully played ‘second fiddle’ to the Army and my
        whimsical nature for much longer than she should have.

        She deserved more out of life than I gave, but being a true
        “trooper’ never complained.

        We all miss you Gail.

        I know how much you thought of Gail.

  2. I enjoyed reading Churning Cauldron and I am in the middle of the Grey Death. The stories are fast pasted and easy to read. I like that Ron recognizes the direction the country is heading and takes steps to correct it. As a person having served in a LRRP unit I appreciate the military jargon and the approach that the author takes to accomplish his missions. Very good reading.

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