Grammar Bite – Exorcise the Exercise!

Hello, there. Welcome to  my tiny Monday grammar lesson.

Well done for having a look at all. Hat off to you if you’ve gone back through the calendar and read all the grammar posts, right from the very beginning. If you are one of the authors I have the pleasure to edit, I love you for that already.

Ok, now that I’ve warmed up your synapses by making you try to understand what on Earth I’m rambling about, here’s what we’ll be talking about today:


Exciting, right?

I edit and review a lot. I wish I could dedicate as much time to writing as I do to the other activities. Well, to cut a long story short, I finished a lovely book today. It was quite an emotional roller-coaster and I was so touched, it left me in tears. Only one problem: it really badly needed an editor. Among the fun words and phrases, one stood out because it was overly used and also misspelled. The author used ‘exercise’ whenever a ghost or demon from his past needed to be exorcised. It did pull me out of the story a little bit when I started to giggle.

I’m sure most of you know better, but in case you don’t:




This witch is EXORCISING.











And this one is EXERCISING. 


5 Replies to “Grammar Bite – Exorcise the Exercise!”

  1. Ha ha–can’t imagine making this mistake, but what a fun post. I guess I didn’t realize you were an editor. Uh, oh, now I really better watch myself on my blog… 🙂

  2. For real Edit sucks been working on that, received scrip and found out about edit, That’s like work in it’s self. Hope all is well Ha Ha to you and I look forward to more of what you have. Will

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