They Should Be Banned! – June Issue

Hello, my friends.

Yes, I know June is gone. But that’s no reason for skipping a good opportunity to have a moan behind its back. So, without further ado, I’ll celebrate the month of June by kicking another annoyance in outer space, thereby adding enough scrap to the already floating rubbish out there that not one, but two new planets large enough to have their own atmosphere will be created, thereby aiding life as a corollary to rubbish.

Have I lost you yet? What? You’ve forgotten? Every month, Gafoos, the Great Alien From Out Of Space, is allowed to kick one useless, annoying item into orbit. Here’s the entry for May.

In May we had taps. For June, top of the list, despite the appalling weather, we have…drum roll…panic-inducing media.

I’m not talking about merely reporting a story. I’m not even getting my high horse out for a discussion involving privacy (or lack thereof) and scandalous, unlawful tapping of people’s phones. Nah. What really gets on my pip is the daily ‘blowing up’ of a story to make it look sensational.

Not sure about reporting in other countries, but here, in the UK, we all know of a particular newspaper which does everything possible to warn us of the impending demise of our poor little planet, and all life upon it, day after day, week after week, year after year.

No matter what the story is, it is terrible news, the weather signals the end of the world, we are a dying species and so on. I understand that shocking titles on the front cover sells papers, but really… if the world is about to end tomorrow… what’s the point in trying to sell the paper in the first place?




4 Replies to “They Should Be Banned! – June Issue”

  1. Any time anyone talks about newspaper stories, I have to laugh. When I was little, my family lived next to a freeway over ramp and one day a car rolled down the hill landing rightside up. The windshield smashed out as the car rolled down. Another driver seeing this stopped and ran down the hill to help. He pulled the lady out of the car and laid her in the ditch in front of the car. She took off her shoes and the man sat them on her dashboard.
    The story in the news; Woman’s car rolls down hill, as she was ejected through the windshield her shoes came off and were sitting on the dashboard.
    Hey they’ll say anything to sell a paper!
    My Mom loved telling that story. Moral: Don’t believe everything you read.
    Hi Ella Great post!

  2. Some reporters in the US do the same thing–maybe they are told to do this when they are studying their profession as undergrads, ha! Either way, it is annoying. If you need to load your article with serious exaggerations, just to get a response from your audience, be it positive or negative feedback, then you should seriously reevaluate yourself as both a writer and a person…can we say “overcompensating” much?!

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