Guest Post: Top 10 Reasons Why the 2012 Olympics Will Be Completely Awesome, by Ahmad Taylor

Hello, my friends. Please welcome back Ahmad Taylor (Ahmad 24/7, as I’ve nicknamed him – you’ll soon see why), author of Dark Side of the Moon.

Ahmad loves the Olympics and I did, too, back in the times when I could just concentrate on the events and was not force-fed the maddening commercialisation that I can see happening all around me today. Anyway, without further delay, let’s see what Ahmad’s reasons are and if they work on me.


Top 10 Reasons Why the 2012 Olympics Will Be Completely Awesome


10. Location, Location, Location!

While not in the greatest potential location possible (chanting: “USA! USA!”), London was a brilliant choice to host with all of the city’s culture and history.

– hmm – London is a good choice as location. One I agree with.

9. Beats the “Hazy, Lazy Days of Summer” blues

Summertime is generally a long and boring season for most major sports, and for 2+ weeks multiple television channels broadcast almost continuously a steady stream of excitement.

I mean, what else are you gonna’ watch while waiting for the NFL season to start (American Football).

– not following NFL, sorry, but I suppose the games will bring some excitement. Two.

8. National camaraderie is at an All-time high

While most major global sports have several teams from one country competing against each other, every 4 years we are allowed the treat of rooting for a nation’s own against the rest of the world.

Sport transcends political viewpoints, and just lets people from all walks of life to unite behind a common goal, and chant their countries’ name the loudest for all others to hear in envy.

– agree. Three.

7. People like rooting against the host country

Whether it was the former Soviet Union in 1980, Seoul Korea in 1988, or China in 2008, there is always the desire to root against the host nation for a variety of reasons (usually because they get an unfair advantage from their home judges).

So here in the U.S., we will put our collective minds together to come up with some new and innovative anti-England chants this summer.

Can’t wait!!!

– ha, ha. Agree again. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Four.  

6. It promotes racial equality

While we would like to believe we live in racially homogenized times, the reality is, that is NOT the reality. The horrible crowd treatment of various athletes during soccer matches (chanting racial slurs or throwing bananas on the pitch) is only a slim reminder of that.

However, once every 4 years, even bigots get to cheer for their nation’s representatives, no matter what they may look like.

It brings all races together for 2+ weeks, under one flag and says, “It’s literally ‘us’ against the world”.

– valid point. Five.

5. It starts 3 days after my birthday

While not a specific national holiday, my birthday (July 24) is quite the event amongst my family and friends (mainly because I force it to be so), so the fact that I will still be celebrating birthday #36 the week that the 2012 Olympics begins (July 27) will provide some extra-special excitement in my life.

– and that’s a very good reason, Ahmad 24/7. Keep the excitement going. Six.

4. Female athletes have never been so attractive

Being able to watch the best female athletes in the entire world, running and jumping and splashing around in the pool is truly a treat not to be missed.

Time to create some extra space on the DVR to record.

– not my favourite pass-time, but you go ahead and ogle. Now, if you’d mentioned some male rippling abs and the like… Ok, I’ll let you have it. Seven.

3. You get to root for sports you have never even heard of

From Tug-O-War (1900-1920) to Synchronized Swimming to the Pentathlon (Shooting, Fencing, Riding, Swimming, Running) you get the opportunity to cheer for your country or athletes from any country in random sports that may not be familiar to you.

I mean when else can you watch 2 chicks that look alike, dance upside down in a swimming pool, and then win a gold medal for it. I mean, seriously? Upside down pool dancing… I love it!

– Ahmad, your mind is stuck. Reboot. You like the chicks. Got it. Just for the fun of imagining your face watching them, eight.

2. Provides life long memories for kids

From the failed bomb attempt in Atlanta 1996, to the Dream Team 1992, to the unmatched pageantry of the opening ceremony in Beijing 2008 the Olympics can provide both child and adult with truly wonderful and exciting memories to last them a lifetime.

I have several of my own that will stay with me forever!

– fully agree with this one. I remember watching the Olympics with my family, some of which is no longer with us, and they were highly valued times. Fond memories. Nine.

1. It’s the OLYMPICS! Enough Said!

Whether you are a beer chugging, butt scratching, chest pounding guy, or a quiet, demure, classy woman, you can enjoy 2+ weeks of non-stop sports watching, focused on providing enjoyment to every possible demographic in existence.

And there you have it, I can no longer deny it – my excitement for the Olympics has increased tenfold since reading your post. Thank you, Ahmad 24/7.

If you liked this article, you can read more of Ahmad’s posts on his blog. In fact I have been reliably informed he’s posting a great follow-up interview with an author he took the trouble to learn about once before.

Or you could stalk him on Facebook or Twitter if you prefer.


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