REVIEW: Hells Angel, by Kim Faulks




Unexpected, gritty, clever.



Hells Angel is a gritty paranormal story which flips the notion of Earth and Hell and makes you look at it in a new light. Earth may be your idea of Heaven, but it’s not everyone else’s, too.

Kim Faulks forces us to see Earth from the point of view of a demon from Hell. To Kellah Slater, Earth is Hell and Hell is home – sweet, missed and adored. I have to say, I’ve never thought of looking at Earth from that direction, my mind clouded by angels and rose tints, but I relished, I craved more of this book, the more I read. Now, I know I will be going back to search for more of Kim Faulks’ published works – there’s plenty to choose from.

It seems some of this upside-down view of life has stuck. I even started my review backwards. Sorry about that.

I found the plot brilliantly developed, dark but realistic. Everything Kellah does, she does so she could return back to Hell, where she belongs. As a demon on Earth, you’d think she’d have it easy. Not so. She struggles to survive and fit in with the other inhabitants of this living jail she’s been confined to and, to top it all, a human detective is on her case. Like a shadow, Darrion Hunter is unshakeable.

The characterization is flawless. Both main characters are well developed, with their own voices, motivations and back stories. Secondary characters enter and leave and reappear – and they, too, are perfectly formed. The author makes you see their point of view, consider life from their perspective, all without judgments or prejudice.

There are no fancy words in Kim Faulks’ descriptions, but they are powerful and highly visual nonetheless. You walk the dark streets alongside Kellah, sleep on her grubby mattress and stand up to the scourge of society beside her.

The end comes as a surprise – though there are twists and surprises pretty much in each chapter – and the way Kellah discovers she’s changing is heart-warming, as is her feeble attempt to stay true to the person she thinks she is. The struggle between what she needs and what she wants makes her do the only thing she could safely do: run. And as I reached the end of the book, I could only sit there and stare at the last page, cheering Darrion Hunter on and agreeing with his thoughts – this time she was not getting away.

I recommend this book, not just to fans of supernatural stories, but to anyone who doesn’t mind opening their minds to a different point of view and who is keen to understand others, no matter who or what they may be. Brilliant read. There is nothing I didn’t like in this book. It gets five stars from me, and if there were more, then I would happily award those, too.

I am really glad to have discovered such a talented author. Just have a look at all these


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