A Writer’s Reality

You’ve spent the last five hours bent over the keys, tapping feverishly and not daring to even peek up towards the window for fear your inspiration would dissipate as soon as the tiniest bit of sunshine registers on your retina.

But now you’re at the end of the scene, your characters’ voices are fading – or you’ve gagged them temporarily – and you decide to enjoy reality for a few minutes, just until the kettle’s boiled. The problem is, how do you cope with this surreal world that you can’t quite understand? A world in which people are walking down the street, carrying shopping or holding children by the hand? And cars… cars are driving past all the time… Now, that feels like magic!

You stumble away from the window and retrace your way to the kettle, pushing past the unicorn and the clown in his rainbow wig. The warriors are clamouring around the table, but it’s your house and your kettle, so you tell them all to take a hike of you’re calling the mighty Wizard to kick them out. In the meantime, a couple of furry creatures with big, blood-shot eyes and no ears scamper around your ankles and, for some reason, that makes your blood boil.

Your hair crackles with the electric charge of your exasperation at the little demons’ disregard for your needs and you send a quick plea for forgiveness to the other Gods, for the punishment you are about to mete out to the ill-mannered rogues.

Your eyes narrow, your arm raises high above your head and the whip of lightening sends sparkles dancing around the dark room. But just before you can unleash your anger, you feel a soothing touch and the voice of an angel sing softly in your ear: “Here’s your coffee, my love.”

The angel makes sure your hands are wrapped tightly around the goblet of life-giving potion, and gently guides you by the shoulders back to the dark room with the laptop.

Slowly, you sit down in front of the enchanted portal and let the muse drag you back into the world you know and love.

The house is at peace again, the curtains are drawn and you can hear the angel in the other room speaking softly again, feeding the kittens.




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