Grammar – Apostrophes and Plural

Hi, again. Time for a tiny bit of information and another small problem solved – hopefully.

Our ability to make the language we speak fit our lives is boundless. Unfortunately, the language we write falls by the wayside and gets kicked about into a mighty tangle of knots. Who has the patience to tackle a ball of knots and sort it all out? Not many.

So we won’t take on the whole. We’ll unpick just one easy, promising-looking knot today.

Here it is:

There is no need EVER, EVER, EVER to use an apostrophe in order to form a word’s plural. The only exception to this rule is where there is a chance for confusion to arise.

So, please, let’s have no more of this silly apostrophe abuse.

The only one I’ll agree to is dotting your i’s. That’s all. Lesson over.


3 Replies to “Grammar – Apostrophes and Plural”

    1. Of course, Laura. Letters are the exception. I didn’t mean to say ‘i’ was the only one. It was merely an example. But I can see I should have made it clearer. Thank you.

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