The Insurmountable Issue of Time Management

Gone are the days when all I needed to write was a pencil and some paper. I was happy to have those, in my childhood, and I did go through quite a lot of paper and no end of pencils in my quest to achieve perfection. How my parents tolerated all that waste, I will never understand.

I was happy with just that, as I said, and it never occurred to me that there could be bigger needs, bigger worries in the big bad world of adulthood, than the lack of those simple tools.

And the shock came when I did grow up and realized that whingeing doesn’t make the teensiest bit of difference.

So what is it that I lack now? What could I possibly want so much that I would happily lower myself to the level of behaviour of the average toddler in order to get it, you ask?

Just one thing: TIME!

I can find the pencils and paper quite easily these days, in fact I can even use a computer (never touched one until my university days). But the one thing they never tell you, the one essential, crucial subject teachers and parents should stuff down each of our throats until we get the hang of it is Time Management.

I swear that one little skill would be worth a good ten years of education in any walk of life. For writers, especially self-published ones, such knowledge would be more valuable than gold.

Before you ask, I’ve read the books, I’ve sat in seminars, and I’ve attended ‘training’ that dealt with this issue, plenty of times. You’d think knowing all the theory was enough, wouldn’t you?

Not so. I can do the charts. I can work out my priorities and allocate some time to each specific task. But when it comes to putting it in practice… I’m no good. I see an email that is urgent, I see and article that I must not miss, I read a book and I am so engrossed in the story that I just can’t stop, I write and the characters will just not shut up and give me a break. Whatever the reason, Time Management is one of those skills that eludes me completely.

Do any of you have the same problem? Are you slave to some other unmanageable habit? Have you been able to overcome something as wild and unruly as this before (I’m not talking about the toddler)? Do you have any tips you can share?


One Reply to “The Insurmountable Issue of Time Management”

  1. I am a slave to social media. I am constantly checking my email, facebook and twitter as if I don’t look at them I will miss something big. I have to admit, I’ve never been so obsessed with anything in my entire life, including writing. I know, shocker, huh? In order for me to make time for everything else I have to put myself on a schedule for each task I must accomplish. I have to multi-task, (which I hate) but I do get more done with the time that is supplied to me by the sun each day.

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