Personal Pronouns ‘Me’ and ‘I’

The weekly grammar post, following on from the poll I did a couple of weeks ago (, is back.

I can see you clapping with excitement, so I won’t keep you waiting any longer.

Last week I gave you a shortcut about the shift in verb tenses.

Today we’re talking personal pronouns (no, you don’t have to remember what they are actually called). You know them as ‘me’ and ‘I’. This is the easiest thing ever, if you use a trick and forget the book.

Example: My husband and I are going for a walk. My mother spent the day with me and my sister.

The examples above are correct, trust me on that. You know how I worked it out? I simplified my sentences. I took all the extra pronouns out until I was left with the bare essentials – me.

Simplified, they read as follows: I am going for a walk. My mother spent the day with me.

Simple when you know the trick, huh?

See you next week.


2 Replies to “Personal Pronouns ‘Me’ and ‘I’”

  1. “Simple solutions to complex problems” – Ella’s Personal Pronouns School, 2012…so true though. My friends and me will find this useful! Everyone will want to hang around I from now on 😉

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