REVIEW: Kade’s Dark Embrace, by Kym Grosso



A Brilliant Read


— another good story I just did not see coming —


Kade’s Dark Embrace skates the fine line between a fast-paced crime thriller and an extremely sensual fantasy romance. I found this read full of surprises, starting with the fact that this is a debut novel. I am honestly amazed that this could be a first novel, when it is so well written.

The action begins on the streets of Philadelphia with the investigation of a murder. Detective Sydney Willows is leading the case, that is – until it becomes obvious the murder is not just a run-of-the-mill human one. When Paranormal City Alternative Police become involved and Kade Issacson, an imposing vampire who seems to know more than he’s letting on, gets in the way, Sydney is torn between her insane desire for his touch and her annoyance with his behaviour.

The plot is well-developed, with tiny shocks and revelations at every twist and turn, and the sub-plots work well within the whole; they are well-thought out and not distracting from the main story. The author makes good use of research and information, allowing the action to shift seamlessly from Philadelphia to New Orleans, through several well-described locations, and using enough detail to make her story real.

Another one of Kym Grosso’s major strengths is her characterization. The main characters – Detective Sydney Willows and vampire Kade Issacson – are perfectly distinct characters despite the fact that they have so much in common. Their reactions are natural, their conversations flow, their relationship changes and morphs with ease into… well, I am not going to give away all the secrets.

A special word on the book cover – every emotion implied by the picture, you will find within the pages.

In conclusion, I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good romance, a bit of spice and a nearly-constant adrenalin rush. It gets five stars from me.

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