Which One’s Your Worst Offender?

This post has a lot to do with grammar, so if that word has the same effect on you as a BOO shouted loudly in the dark, then please yourselves. Run away. Or, if you’re a hero, you could stay and read on.

I grew up in a far away land, in a time when bad grammar equalled hours of detention. Not that I ever got to that point. In fact, my teacher would often use me as his right hand, to help explain new things in lessons. And once I knew the rules, it was easy as pie. I started to enjoy it.

Gasp. Enjoy grammar! It would be easier to get one of the Big Six to take you on with a life-long contract and a seven-digit yearly advance. As if!

I am a lovely, generous person, so I’ve decided to show you quite how easy it is to get grammar right. Honestly. I’ll give you a tiny little bite-sized explanation each Monday, so you don’t ever feel overwhelmed, and you might even remember something useful after a while. You never know.

All I need you to tell me is what terrifies you most. I promise I’ll make understanding it fun. Oh, and please let me know if I’ve missed something important. There’s a comment box right beneath this post.



12 Replies to “Which One’s Your Worst Offender?”

  1. This is a wonderful service you are offering and I pray that those who need it will take it up. Seeing misused apostrophes makes me so insane with rage that I wish to kill the person, so I should appreciate it if you would tackle that one first.

    1. Hi, Tabitha
      I know exactly what you mean, but I try to keep my feelings to myself, mostly because I know people don’t murder the apostrophe with premeditation (well, maybe restaurants do).
      I have also learned that many books are of huge value, grammatically perfect or not. In another poll I asked people what mattered to them when reading a book. Grammar got zero votes.
      I will treat each and every item on the list in order of preference/popularity. The apostrophe will be given due attention, have no fear. I will also try to make it so simple, there will be no way to get it wrong ever again. And I shall do the same for every problem people may bring to me. I love grammar and I don’t really understand why it gets so much hate.

  2. I have read some books that would make you cringe. They did me. And if they have too many mistakes, I won’t even read the entire book. But there are times that I have noticed that the writer just did not proofread or have anyone else proofread it before they published it. I did a “look inside” on one of my books yesterday and right on the first page of the story, I have a typo! I know how I did it though. I was revising a sentence and forgot to take the ‘s off of the word. So embarrassed!

    1. Ha ha. Ooops, I shouldn’t laugh. I’m quite sure there’s at least one typo somewhere in each of my books. But it’s so hard to proofread your own work, isn’t it? My eyes glaze over in two minutes flat.

      1. That’s okay you can laugh. I did after I got over my embarrassment. 🙂 Proofreading? Yes it is hard, my first book wasn’t too hard, since it only had 12,000 words and I think I read over it at least 50 times before hitting that publish button, but when you start looking at 50,000+ words, yikes!

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