Mr Perfect from PerfectTown – Part III

The cocoa coloured eyes smiled at him and a perfectly manicured hand gestured gracefully towards the empty chair.

“I think it would be wiser if you sat down for a little while.”

The perfect creature smiled encouragingly and Mr. Perfect lowered himself into the too-small chair, not shifting his eyes from hers for even a split second. He was perfectly mesmerized.

“Are you all right?” she asked at the same time as a waitress stopped by the table and asked, “Coffee?”

“Perfect,” he answered them both and started to relax.

It took him until the jug of fresh coffee landed on the table between them for his thoughts to clear enough so that politeness would percolate to the surface.

“Where are my manners?” he mumbled, freshly embarrassed. “My name is Perfect.”

“I’m sure it is,” she smiled. “I.M. Wise. Isobel, to my friends.” She extended her hand halfway across the table towards him. “And you? What exactly is your perfect name?” She was smiling crookedly and Mr. Perfect stared at her lips until the smile disappeared.

“Um…” he floundered, realizing how silly his words had sounded. “My name is Arnold. Call me Arnold,” and he grabbed her hand eagerly in both of his.

Isobel giggled. “Perfectly suitable.”

“Isobel,” Arnold Perfect mumbled quietly, shooting furtive glances around the café, “I must confess to being totally in love with you. I fell in love, head over heels, the moment I saw you through the window.”

He dropped to one knee and Isobel gasped in shock.

“Isobel Wise, will you marry me?” Mr. Perfect said loud and clear.

“Would that be wise?” Isobel wondered.

“Probably not, but it would be perfect.”

And so, within one day, Mr. Perfect had managed to perfectly identify the missing element in his life and deal with such a major lapse in a perfectly satisfactory manner.

Two weeks later Mr. Perfect married Mrs. Wise at the perfect venue, wisely chosen – the best one in PerfectTown – and then boarded a plane to the perfect holiday location, also wisely chosen – away from PerfectLand – firmly believing there was absolutely nothing in his life that could be further perfected.

That, however, proved not to be a wise thought to have at all because we all know what sort of holiday these last-minute deals are like. Mr. Perfect was just about to learn a new lesson.


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