How Did We Ever Survive?

I’ve written a string of serious posts and they did bring in the readers, but today it’s sunny outside and I’m in a jokey mood, so I can’t make my mind focus on serious things at all.

I keep drifting back to the times when I had no cares, when it didn’t matter if it rained or the sun shined, when I would whine to be allowed to stay out and play with my friends ‘just a little longer’ and my dreams were full of new games to play that no one had thought about before.

Considering the stringent Health and Safety rules that limit my children’s play to a level fit for an amoeba, I wonder how on Earth my friends and I ever managed to make it to an age that allowed us to have children of our own.

So join me in finding out what treacherous pursuits endangered our lives in our early, ‘formative’ years. Click any of these activities if you used to engage in them as a child – I bet you’ll check more than ten if you’re over twenty-five years old.

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