Martin Little – You Know The Guy!

I tried. I tried really hard but I can’t keep him hidden anymore.

Because he’s sweet and vulnerable and shy and… well… male.

I had to get into his head. I never could resist temptation. So meet Martin Little, through the medium of Michael Phoenix’s review. Michael’s words:

A unique book

Ok, this one is kind of difficult for me. Not because it is beyond my skills of reading / reviewing, but there is not one thing I don’t like about it. Martin Little completely caught me off guard. I did not want to stop until the end.

From the beginning:

The cover is, somewhat, deceptive. I originally thought the genre would be for children or teens. First thing I was wrong about. It is geared towards teens and adults. The navigation is well planned and formatted. I have an epub version using Adobe Reader.

Ebook setup and fomatting: The first few pages include Table of Contents with links to every section. Title page, Publisher Information, brief author bio and dedication round out this section. The only thing I wish was included: a link back to the Table Of Contents. Not a major point considering the side navigation bar. Overall, the setup and formatting is excellent.

Chapter 1 jumps right into the action and story. Starting with Martin drinking a cup of hot chocolate. You did hear me right. You start to get a decent feel for Martin and his character in this chapter. We are also introduced to the other, main characters along with a few hints about them. The story does start off innocently with Martin having a mundane life. After finishing chapter 1, I was completely absorbed and wanted more. Chapter 2 is where the fun begins.

I will not do a chapter by by chapter breakdown here. I don’t want to spoil anything for you. I will not give about the ending except one: Several things in this book are misleading, but some are not. The story mimics life to a point.

The backstory of the main characters: Martin, Vee, Archie and Gary is revealed throughout the chapters. The relationships between them is also developed and revealed in the same way. If you think you can just scan or skip a chapter or two, don’t.

Chapter titles are misleading and deceptive, at times. This is a major point when I read. It keeps the reader off guard and interested. Some examples: chapter 1 – The Horrifying price of chocolate, cubicle six and chow. Ella only titles and not chapter numbers. This could be a plus or minus, depending on your preference. Personally, I don’t care either way.

The main characters were well developed throughout the story. The way Martin evolved and learned is very impressive. His self-discovery and progression were not predictible. The supporting characters are well written and developed, especially in the main scenes / settings. Character interaction is a good combination of unpredictibilty at times.

Ella creates a very interesting and unique concept of Heaven in this book. I love this part the most. The only thing I will reveal here: Combine various elements and you have a new creation. Seriously, even this element, almost everyone can relate to. Her concept of heaven is one main aspect that kept me reading and wanting more. I can not say enough about this aspect of the story and scenes.

Overall: this is one of the best books I have ever read. Marting Little, Resurrected is beyond anything I expected. I did not want to stop reading. The characters are believable. The plot has a lot of, unexpected turns. Scenes and visualization is well written and for the mind to see. Character interaction / conflict / development: very easy to believe; especially in the situations they are placed in. The end is unexpected on a high note. If I could give this book higher than 5, I would. Great Job, Ella Medler! Much success with this one.

This is the first book I have reviewed by this author. It will not be the last.

Did you know you could download the first five chapters for free? Here’s the link

And this is the Table of Contents, to show you what Michael meant about my random Chapter Headings:

1. The Horrifying Price of Hot Chocolate

2. Bumpy Ride

3. Bright Lights Lead to Illogical Thoughts

4. Did We Take A Wrong Turning Somewhere?

5. Good Boys Go To Heaven – What A Lot Of Tosh!

6. Introducing The Nymphs… And Losing Gary

7. Cubicle Six

8. Hello? This Is Disaster Calling

9. Meeting Grumpy And Finding A Promising Fault With Heaven

10. Chow

11. There’s No Reasoning With Some People

12. Making A Deal With God

13. Braving The Dark And Mysterious: The IT Geeks

14. Up The Creek Without A Paddle

15. The Happiness Compulsion

16. What Does Hades Play When He’s Bored?

17. Judgement Day

18. Unexpected

EPILOGUE: The Haunted Shack


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