I often feel misplaced. You know, as if I don’t belong to this day and age. As a child I kept telling my parents I should have been born in an earlier time, and as time went on I began to see why. Not a day passes without some question to occur to me, some conundrum to poke its head from the sidelines and stop me in my tracks, demanding my attention.

And I think I know now what the problem is. It all comes down to a basic human flaw: as a race, we have an inadequate patience supply. We try to run before we can walk and our logic, our thinking doesn’t seem to have caught up to where we should be, yet.

We keep being told we live in an evolved society, and we no longer questions that assumption.

My question is this: if that’s the case, how come these things don’t seem unusual?

  • You buy burgers in packs of four and burger buns in packs of six;
  • You keep your expensive car in the driveway but store all your junk carefully in the garage;
  • You can have a pizza delivered faster than you can get an ambulance to come to your house;
  • You can buy ‘diet’ Coke in every greasy spoon fast food outlet in the country;
  • Banks open their front doors automatically whenever a person walks by, but they keep their pens chained to their desks;
  • You gladly carry around with you an expensive device that allows people to disturb you wherever you go;
  • You jail people for kicking their dog, but people who hurt their children get away with it ‘on medical grounds’.

And as a parting question, do you ever feel this way? What age would you think yourself better suited to living in?

Are there any other markedly obvious signs of impatience that you have noticed in the human species and I have missed?


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